Thursday, October 23, 2014

Top Dog by Cynthia and Mike Arsuaga

Title:  Top Dog

Series title:  Shifter Tales 1

Author:   Cynthia & Mike Arsuaga

Publisher:    I Heart Book Publishing

Genre: Paranormal

 (M/F, Oral Sex)

Page Count: 190

Reviewer: Cassiopeia

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Publisher Blurb:

Shape shifter Drake Martin has a problem. FBI agent Kady Hartley loves him. Both of him. She doesn't know that he and her pet, the eight pound Yorkshire terrier she named Precious, were one and the same. Kady's latest assignment further complicates the situation.

Drake follows her to New Orleans where she and a team are in for more than they realize against human traffickers. Taking down the bad guys while keeping her same means walking a tightrope between lover and beloved pet.

During the adventure, he has her back, her heart, and her lap.

Review of book:

Top Dog by new to me authors Cynthia and Mike Arsuagawas a surprisingly enjoyable story.  I had no idea how I’d react to a Yorkie shifter, but I found Drake Martin and his alter ego Precious, to be resourceful, entertaining, and an all around good guy.  I thoroughly enjoyed how at home he seemed to be as a small dog in a big dog’s world, and the humorous internal dialogue he had while in his Yorkie form really added another level of enjoyment to the book for me. The manner in which the authors portrayed the intricacies surrounding the evolving relationship between Kady and Drake also displayed excellent character development.  Showing the bond between a girl and her beloved pet/confidante, while at the same time the very adult courtship between Kady and Precious’ human counterpart, Drake,could have easily been a campy disaster of epic proportions. I truly feel it was written with a great deal of distinction between the two pairings and handled with as much sensitivity as possible, without sacrificing any quality from the plot.

As much as I enjoyed Kady and Drake/Precious, I have to admit that the secondary characters, and the always enjoyable New Orleans locale, held my attention with equal fascination.  The Sufi reminded me of the Godfather, with a healthy dose of humor and affection for those he ruled over.  Nothing escaped the man, and watching him outsmart Drake was a surprising plus for me. 

All in all, Top Dog by Cythnia and Mike Arsuaga was an entertaining read, and I look forward to immersing myself in future installments of their shifter world.

                                                        Four Shooting Stars!!

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