Saturday, October 4, 2014

Their Alpha Bitch by Fran Lee

Title: Their Alpha Bitch
Author: Fran Lee
Publisher: Fran Lee Romance
Genre: MMM/F romance, paranormal,
Pages: 85
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Growing up amidst one of the largest, most powerful wolf shifter packs in North America had prepared Kenna for almost anything...but not for the untimely deaths of her aunt and uncle, alphas of the Dumont pack.

Hurrying home from Seattle to find her adoptive aunt on her deathbed was hard enough...but hearing her final request was worse. They expected her to do WHAT? Aunt Maggie hadn't really just made her promise to take her three hulking, gorgeous sons as mates...had she?

Oh, no way could they expect that. She wasn't a were...her mates would outlive her by a couple hundred years. And there was no way in hell Kenna could handle three hot men...especially men that size!

Not even in her wildest fantasies..

Their Alpha Bitch by Fran Lee is a well written paranormal romance that had me from page one.  Kenna had grown up inside a wolf pack.  She left for a while but it was not what she really wanted out of life she missed the safety and protection of pack. When her Aunt who raised her died she comes back to her pack.  Her Aunt left her a gift when she died. Well three of them her sons.  They have been waiting a lifetime to claim their mate Kenna.
Dune, Mace, and Gant have always loved Kenna.  They have had to wait to make her theirs now though they have a chance.  Mace is the quiet intense one, Gant the young impetuous one, and Dune is the one that keeps the level head.
I liked how in this relationship no one gets left out in the cold. It is hard to really do a lot of people in a story and have no one left out. Ms Lee also weaves in a great love story.  I really feel the possessive love they each have for Kenna.  I would love to have more books in this world. I would love to see how the pack dynamics work.   So I hope this is the beginning of a great series to come.  The foundation is there and laid out for that. 
                                  Five Shooting Stars

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