Friday, October 24, 2014

Stormy by Tina Gayle

Title: Stormy
Author: Tina Gayle
Publisher: Tina Gayle
Pages: 65
Genre: M/F
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s blurb
A widower, a divorcee, co-workers, lovers...a future together...marriage?
Consoling each other for years over each other’s misfortune, Karen and Daniel turn a friendship into a weekend of unbridled red-hot passion. The heat between them leads to thoughts of a future together. That is…
Until children, an ex-husband, an unexpected heart-attack, a conniving trophy-wife, guilt and personal choices come between them. Will the heat of their passion let them break from the past and move into the future?

Stormy by Tina Gayle has the story of friends who become much more  when the go away together.  Karen has given up on pretty much everything when her husband of twenty years divorced her.  She does have her freedom and a life of her own choosing now.  Daniel’s life had changed too but not because his wife found someone better, his wife died. He was barely able to cope. Karen had become his world. Her and her kids. Now Karen finds herself wanting more than friendship from Daniel, but she doesn’t want to screw up the great friendship they have going.
This book should come with a warning label…very hot!! Will scorch you as you read it. Whew these two have chemistry that is off the charts. I liked the ease of friends turning up the heat to hotter than sin lovers.  The characters are really meant for each other. When you want a hot love story that just makes you want to read more this is the one to pick up. Friends really do make the best lovers.

                              Five Shooting Stars!! 

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