Thursday, October 9, 2014

Riding Shotgun by Anne Kane

Title: Riding Shotgun
Series:  Mercenaries, 3
Author: Anne Kane
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre:, MF,  paranormal
Pages: 43
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
She was a genetic experiment that was never supposed to get out of the lab. If the government finds her, they will kill her without hesitation. She's a crack shot, though, and she's used to looking out for herself. Her affinity for all things mechanical helps her make a living on the underground street racing circuit, but it's a dangerous game, and lately things haven't been going so well.
Shotgun falls hard from the first time he meets her, and is determined to make her his own. When accidents keep plaguing Kalie's car, he gets suspicious and with the help of his mercenary buddies he is determined to find the source of the problem and keep his woman safe.

Riding Shotgun by Anne Kane is a fast paced futuristic romance.  We have Kalie someone who has some very special talents when it comes to racing cars.  She is independent, loyal, and likes to win.  Shotgun is a very alpha male who is very protective of those he loves.  When what he considers his woman is threatened nothing will stop him from saving her even if she doesn’t want the saving.
I liked how two very strong characters come together to have an explosive romance. The connection they have really jumped out of the pages.  I have not read the previous books in the series and I was not lost in this book. It is a short story that is very easy to follow. I would like to go back and read what I missed, I would like to know more about the labs and where some of the paranormals came from.  I think if you’re a fan of this series this is the book you have been waiting for and you will really enjoy it. For someone new to the series, you will love Kalie and her fierce spirit. She is one badass girl who deserved a wonderful happy ending.

                                                             five shooting stars

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