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Lonely by Scarlet Blackwell

Title: Lonely

Author: Scarlet Blackwell

Publisher: eXtacy Books

Genre: Contemporary, GLBT

Heat level: (M/M, Anal play/sex, Oral sex)

Page Count: 113

Reviewer: Cassiopeia

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Publisher Blurb:
 When the love of Austin Bale’s life—Rupert the German Shepherd—is critically injured in a car accident, he has to find seventeen hundred dollars and fast. Austin lives alone, works a minimum wage job and has no one he can turn to. The only thing he can offer vet Lynton Brooke, by way of payment, is himself.

 Lynton takes him up on his offer and is soon smitten by the reclusive Austin. Both men recognise a kindred spirit, a lonely soul that needs a mate, but Austin is too aware of their different backgrounds. Can he ever hope that Lynton could be the one?
    This is a previously published book. The title remains unchanged.

Review of book:

I had no idea how I’d react to this book.  It has a dog as one of the main characters, which is usually a win for me, and I thought it would be interesting to read about a veterinarian and one of his patient’s owners.  Well, I can honestly admit that I liked Lonely by Scarlett Blackwell, but there were a few inconsistencies about the storythat prevented me from being completely sucked in to the plot. Lynton Brooke is a veterinary from Seattle,currently practicing in Montpelier, Vermont.However, some of the colloquialisms used were definitely not consistent with someone raised and living in the states.  That being said, I found the level of compassion and dignity that he showed his patients heart warming.

His treatment of Austin Bale, one of his patient’s owners, was nowhere near dignified, and so far from compassionate, that I wanted to reach out and touch him in a very painful way. To the back of his thick melon of a head.

I understood the premise of the plot, that Austin needed emergency care for his beloved dog, Rupert. However, the crass way that Lynton treated the poor man when he made his unorthodox offer of sex-for-payment of the veterinary bill truly ticked me off.  I get that it was shocking, but man the lack of compassion that Lynton had for what was obviously a very desperate situation for Austin, really got on my nerves. I can safely say that I didn’t like Lynton very much at that point.

This was, what I thought, the truly amazing part of the story was.  Ms. Blackwell somehow, completely transformed my opinion of Lynton by the end of the book.  I truly enjoyed watching him grow and learn to work through his own issues, while being a support to Austin. If you’re a fan of flawed characters that find their redemption, then Scarlett Blackwell’s Lonely is a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

                                      Four Twinkling Stars!! 

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