Friday, October 3, 2014

Feral Craving by D.C. Stone

Title: Feral Craving
Series: Justice Demon, 1
Author: D.C. Stone
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F
Page Count:248 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Bari has always felt a presence lurking deep inside of him, waiting to get out.  After being injured in Iraq, he suddenly finds himself thrust back into his hometown, forced to face his past. He finds that what’s lurking inside of him is real, waiting, and running out of patience fast.  
What happens as the evil of his past merges with his wants of the future?  What happens when the man and beast inside crave a female from his past?  What happens when Bari learns that he is anything but human?

This was my first time reading D. C. Stone and I enjoyed the experience.  Ms. Stone gave us a twist on something usually viewed as evil in her demons.  I love when an author does something unexpected and by making her demons ones who handed out justiceMs. Stone did just that.  And poor Bari is struggling with reconciling his not quite human status with his new role, especially as he saw his father kill his mother so long ago.  Ms. Stone allows us to see his struggle as he reached an understanding to accept that he is not his father.  Everyone else can see that Bari is made of stronger stuff and would never hurt those he loves but Bari’s journey is not easy or comfortable.  I loved that Mac stood by Bari.  Even when it would have been easier on her heart, she fought for her man.  I loved Mac’s determination and loyalty but there were a few times when I wished she would give Bari a swift kick in the pants.  Ms. Stone walked a fine line between making Mac’s character too willing to give Bari the benefit of the doubt but I think she traversed it well.
Feral Cravings is the first in Ms. Stone’s Justice Demon series.  And while Bari and Mac were given their happily ever after, she left us panting for more as evil touched the lives of Bari’s brothers-in-arms.  I can’t wait to see how she digs herself out of the hole she left us with.

                                   Four Shooting Stars!!

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