Friday, October 31, 2014

Eden Winters Contest!!

Halloween, or All Hallows Eve. Growing up it was the one time each year when I was guaranteed candy,and Mom would drive us from the family farm to town to trick-or-treat with my cousins. Years later, I repeated the ritual with my own kids.

Ah, the cool evening, at a time when we’d just broken out the jackets for fall. Back then, wood smoke drifted on the air from fireplaces, and a neighbor might invite us in for some spiced cider. Somewhere along the line, someone would tell ghost stories. Possessing the mind of a writer, even then, I hung on every word, thinking, “What if?”

The weather has cooled and once more October 31 is upon us. My kids are grown and I’ll sit by the door, waiting for a new generation of revelers. No more ghouls, goblins, witches, or princesses, now the children show up dressed as zombies, or their favorite rock stars. But they’ll still say, “Trick or treat!” I’ll still hand out candy, and I’ll still get goose bumps as I gaze across the street at some unexpected movement and think, “What if?”

Only, now, my “what ifs?” take form on a page.

Just in time for Halloween, Same Time, Next Year tells the story of two young men, and their Halloween tradition.

Jerome and Greg played on the dirt road halfway between their homes when they were kids, and found much better games to play there when they grew older. It's their special spot, the perfect place for Greg to propose, and the worst place possible for the accident that takes his life.

Devastated by the loss, Jerome visits that lonely road on the anniversary of Greg's death, only to discover that not all endings are permanent.

Same Time, Next Year, now available at Rocky Ridge Books.

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              What creature do you most love to read about in Halloween stories?     


Debby said...

I enjoy vampires at Halloween.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Jen CW said...

I love to read about vampire and werewolves on Halloween.

Leanna Craig said...

I love reading about what seem like impossible relationships - those couples that somehow survive in spite of only being able to be together when the veil is at its most thin - at Halloween.

Tina brunelle said...

Debby you are the winner