Friday, October 31, 2014

contest from Diana DeRicci

It's the spooook-y time of year!

Ghosts or goblins? Super heroes or real to life heroes?  That evvviiilll candy or something not quite so .... chocolate-y? (Oh, man...hands off the chocolate! MINE!) Ahem... Where was I? Right... What do you enjoy about Halloween? I'll admit, I'm not a decorator. Love looking at them, hate doing them. Shhh. I know, it's one of those genes women are "supposed" to be born with.

Yeah, I lost mine somewhere between brains and boobs. Sorry. 

So it's not decorating for me. I can tell you're all just heartbroken there. 

One of the things I really enjoy are the costumes. Especially for the wee little ones. Butterflies, fairies, ladybugs, kittens... All kinds of cuteness! I was Princess Leia for a couple of years waaaaay back when, Mr. Peabody. That's one of the most enjoyable parts of Halloween for me. I can't remember too many more. I've been an 18th century ghost (I was verrry pale! With a lot of silver glitter), a vampire, a witch, a pirate. Even got 2nd place for a costume party one year for Sexy Red Riding Hood. (You know who you are if you were there!). 

So share. Candy? Costumes? Even the change of the "summer" to "Holiday on steroids" for the next two months? I know some people use Halloween as their launching point to get into the  holiday spirit. Um, yeah. That gene is hanging with his bud, El decorating guru, because I don't have that one, either. But that's another blog post. 

Happy Spook and scream! 


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question is  what do you enjoy about Halloween.

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Vanessa N. said...

I always loved getting dressed up and the candy.

SharonJM said...

Costumes, candy and those folk
with the decorate their house gene.

Chris R said...

Little ones in costumes. Just wished they would come to the house.

Carolline Greene said...

I enjoy the dressing up and seeing other people's craftiness and creativity.

Debby said...

I love see the kids dressed up. This year I had very few so far.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I love seeing my special education preschoolers all excited to be dressed up (when any other day they would be having a meltdown over wearing weird fabrics).

Leanna Craig said...

I love the feeling of magic in the air - it really leaves you with the impression that anything is possible!

Jen CW said...

I love the excitement of the kids, the candy you don't see any other time of year, and the carved pumpkins.

Diana Castilleja said...

Had some truly good ones this year. A headless person (older generation of costume, like a militia uniform--and they did good to not talk! LOL), Wednesday from the Adams' family, a few Mincecraft, BamBam. Lots of eerie and spooky, but it was fun.

And yes, a LOT of Elsas and Annas. hahaha!

Tina brunelle said...

Carolline Greene you are the winner

Diana Castilleja said...

Woot!! Yay Carolline!