Sunday, October 12, 2014

Beat to Their Heart by Whiskey Starr

Title: Beat to Their Heart
Series:Surviving the Dream,1
Author:Whiskey Starr
Publisher: JK Publishing, Inc
Genre:  Contemporary, New Age, Erotic,  Romance, MF, ff, menage
Pages : 85
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher’s Blurb
Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF
In book one of Surviving the Dream: Circumstances in Joey Hart's life has him spiraling out of control. He knows it and so does everyone around him. A loner by normal standards who only cares about himself and the music. When the band Chasing Tails catches a break, he and the other members fight to find a balance between stardom and every day life. A near tragedy causes them all to stand up and take notice of what really matters—living.
Skylar Morgan is an ER nurse with responsibilities. However, one night out to see a local band places Sky on the radar of a bad boy and she isn’t sure if she can handle him. Several months go by with no contact, and she is comfortably back to her everyday routine, until the ER doors open and in walks a man that has starred in her dreams for months, turning her life upside down.
Can Joey move on from his past to open his heart for a new chance of happiness? Will Sky be able to move on and trust someone openly with everything she holds dear? Or will the two of them find a different rhythm instead of the beat of their heart?

Beat to Their Heart by Whiskey Starr is the first book I have read by Ms. Starr and now I will be looking for many more of her titles to read.  The heart and soul inside of this book really kept me turning the pages. I liked the connection the characters had, and I liked the evolution of the characters. They grow and really learn inside this book. Specially our bad boy Joey.  He is a rock star used to being a jerk and getting his own way. Never really has had to answer for what he does.  That entitlement makes him a little bit of a jerk at first.  But that soon changes.
Skyler Morgan is a nurse she works the late shift a lot. She is a little bit bitter about her shift hours but you can tell it is because she really cares about her job.  She is a single mom who works hard to provide for herself and her son with special needs.
I like that when these two get together they manage to be what each other needs. You wouldn’t think they would be the most likely of couples and seem to have everything stacked against them.  But love really does win in the end.   I love stories like that.  Ms. Starr really gives me a great story to go along with a beautiful love story that I will never forget.  
 I highly recommend this book if you want a truly romantic story that is highly memorable. 

                        Five Shooting Stars !!

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