Monday, September 15, 2014

Worth Waiting For by Bea LaRocca

Worth Waiting For (MM)Title: Worth Waiting For
Series: Dare to Dream, 3
Author: Bea LaRocca
Publisher:  Siren-Bookstrand
Genre:  MM, Contemporary
Page Count: 308
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher Blurb
When Nick Stevens walked into the office, Marcus Anderson realized that he’d found the man of his dreams...until he learns that Nick is already taken. Determined to make the best of an uncomfortable situation, Marcus tries to keep a polite distance, maintaining a strictly professional relationship with his co-worker as he struggles to keep his personal desires to himself. Until the night that he finds Nick alone in a bar, hurt, angry, and too drunk to stand on his own. In order to help him, Marcus must put his personal feelings aside so that he can be the friend that Nick needs. Not entirely sure that he can pull it off, he helps Nick get home, tucks him safely into his apartment, and watches over him through the night. Convinced that Nick will never see him as anything more than a co-worker, he resigns himself to his fate. That of being a man who is permanently relegated to the "friend zone." Until Nick kisses him that is…


 This is my first time reading Bea LaRocca,  I really enjoyed Worth Waiting For. The characters really had heart and soul. They kept me turning the pages.  The basic story itself is good, we have the man who gets dumped by his boyfriend.  Nick has been dumped by a man who just can’t seem to be honest about what he wants. This gives Nick trust issues.
Marcus Anderson works with Nick. He has wanted the man from day one but has known he had a partner so he never thought it would go anywhere.  Well when Nick gets dumped, Marcus is the man who picks up the pieces of Nick’s life. He gets Nick’s love and trust, and wants to hold on to it.  He just hopes that Nick is in a place in his life that he can accept and want to move on.
Both of the characters in this story are strong loving men. They have what each other needs this made me really cheer for the happy ending.  I would like more in this series in the future.  This taste of what Ms LaRocca can do has made me want more from her in the future.
                                    Four Twinkling Stars!!

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