Sunday, September 28, 2014

Triple Threat by Laura Harner

Title: Triple Threat
Series: Triple Threat, 1
Author: Laura Harner
Publisher: Hot Corner Press
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/M
Page Count:50 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Master Archer found his forever with fellow Dom Zachary, but when their discreet recovery business interferes with their private time, Archer buys exactly what his lover needs—the perfect personal assistant, submissive Jeremiah. Because anything two can do, three can do better. Now the trio must work together to recover a grieving widow's stolen insurance money, and the thief is...her not-so-dead husband.

I enjoyed Triple Threat by Laura Harner.  However it is just the beginning of the relationship between Archer, Zach and Jeremiah.  It would be more accurate to state this story showed the love between Archer and Zach.  I loved seeing the love between Archer and Zach.  I also loved seeing Zach fight his fear with the addition of Jeremiah to the equation.  Ms. Harner did a wonderful job of setting up a loving relationship that has stood the test of time or has it?  Zach is feeling threatened and isn’t handling it well.  But Ms. Harner showed the love between them even if it was a bit frayed.  While this story was just the beginning of the relationship with the addition of Jeremiah, it was a complete story.  We got to see how these strong men worked well together as they handled the job they were hired for.  It was a nice beginning and I am looking forward to seeing how Ms. Harner will smooth the rough edges and add a third into a long, loving relationship.

                         Four twinkling Stars!! 

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