Wednesday, September 10, 2014

To Enchange an Eagle by Amber Kell

Title: To Enchant An Eagle

Series title: Banded Brothers 3

Author: Amber Kell

Publisher: eXstasy Books

Genre:    Paranormal, GLBT, Erotic Romance

(M/M, Anal Sex/Play, Oral Sex, Violence)

Page Count: 113

Reviewer: Cassiopeia

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Publisher Blurb:

 When love is on the line, crossing it is the only path to take.     
    Eaton Franks has had his eye on Marty, the leader of the hawks, for a long time. After he rescues the bad boy, things take a tragic turn and it looks as if the gang leader might never fly again. When Eaton has the chance to use a sorcerer to fix the love of his life, little does he know it will lead to his own abduction.
    Marty is beside himself when his eagle shifter is stolen. He knows they are mates and he’s willing to do anything to get him back. However, now he has to decide if he is willing to give up his hawk half in order to save his eagle. Sometimes love makes a man do crazy things.

Review of book:

To Enchant an Eagle by Amber Kell was an enjoyable read that I felt was over far too soon.  As the third installment of the Banded Brothers series, I was able to easily immerse myself in the author’s parallel world where paranormals of all sorts mix with humans, but I think that there were some references I would have had a more in depth appreciation of, had I read the previous installments.  Her characters are fun, sexy, loyal and had a little bit of something extra that made them irresistible.

Eaton came across as more vulnerable than he’d like, but with a “fake it ‘till you make it” attitude, there was no question about his dedication to the man he loved, but had yet to claim as his mate, Marty.  Marty, as the leader of the Hawk shifters (also known as a “cast” of hawks), was the resident bad boy, and usually the one others looked to for answers and strength.  Unfortunately, due to injuries suffered in a fight that occurred in a previous installment, he was not only laid up, but also not even sure that he’d heal to a degree that would allow the hawk to take flight again.
At first glance, this book might seem like a lot of flash and magic; I mean it is a story about paranormals after all.  However, as I delved deeper into the plot, I found that this was a tale that dealt heavily with how the choices people made affected them long term. The journey that each of the main characters undertook, clearly spoke of how coming to terms with the changes in one’s life can be both a positive and negative experience.  I enjoyed watching the struggles unfold for Marty and Eaton, and how they were able to meet them at every turn with a determination that isn’t always easy to convey.  Sure, there was action and sex throughout To Enchant An Eagle, but there was also an emotional aspect that I found compelling.  Amber Kell has reeled me in, kicking and screaming, and made me love these guys and their rag tag cast of supporting characters, enough that I’ll be checking out the other installments in this series.

                                                          Four Twinkling Stars!! 

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