Saturday, September 27, 2014

reviewer choice award- Underground:Special Teams by Sean Michael

Title:Underground: Special Teams
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: MM, Contemporary, bdsm
Page Count: 213
Reviewer: Redz
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Publisher Blurb

When Hunter Simms goes undercover at an underground BDSM party, the last thing he expects to see is SWAT’s leading shooter Keifer Magnessen bound, gagged, plugged and very bare. He is immediately drawn to Keifer, and wants to get to know his fellow cop better. Much better.
With such a high stress job, Keifer needs to give up control on his down time in order to decompress, but it’s a secret he holds close to his vest. So, when Hunter walks into his chosen place to submit, he tries to cut and run. Lucky for him, Hunter is shrewd, persistent and quite possibly just the Dom that Keifer needs.
Can these two strong men find a way to make their personal lives mesh?

I really loved Underground: Special Teams by Sean Michael.  Keifer is a bratty, opinionated stubborn sub.  He needs a master to keep him from over thinking things.  He has to be one step ahead of everyone in his job as a SWAT sniper. 
When Hunter spots him at a club he knows he is the man to help Keifer find his center. His place of peace.  He just has to get Keif to let him in.
Watching these two men get what the needed from each other is a hot journey.  I love how Sean Michael brings in the bdsm and makes it another layer to the story. The love becomes more powerful and gritty.  This book has a lot of layers.  I loved watching Keifer gets his pealed back to reveal the sub he was always meant to be.
The story line becomes more powerful as you read it. To the end build up, I really didn’t want this story to end at all.  This is one of those stories you could read over and over again. It will be going on my keeper shelf to be taken out when I want a hot gritty travel to love and acceptance of who you are.  I know I will be looking for more books like this in the future. 

                                     Five Shooting Stars
                                        And Reviewers Choice award

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