Monday, September 15, 2014

Recommended Read: Solitary by Sean Michael

Title: Solitary
Series: Hammer, 13
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher:  Torquere Press
Genre:  MM, Contemporary, Strong BDSM
Page Count: 174
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher Blurb
Greg's on a downward spiral. He broke his back a few years into a promising stunt career, then his master died shortly after they began living a BDSM lifestyle together. He's just lost. So lost, that he can't keep a Master for more than two weeks. So lost that he's been arrested several times and is this close to winding up in jail. So lost that Master Oliver doesn't know what to do with him anymore.
In desperation, Oliver calls on his friend Appleton who lives in isolation in Northern Canada. Ap enjoys working with subs, and has both the time and the inclination to work with a lost soul like Greg. Not to mention, there's no way to get into legal trouble or run away from Ap's house given its location. So, Ap takes Greg in, hoping to help Greg find his center and himself again.
Will Greg find what he needs with Ap? Or will he find so much more?

Solitary by author Sean Michael is a very emotional read. We have a sub Greg who thought he found himself and happiness.  Then his master is killed making Greg question everything about himself.  He doesn’t want to let go of his master even in death.  Ap is a very down to Earth man. He leads a very simple life, he likes it like that. When Greg needs a master to take him in Ap has no problems being that man.   The more Ap gets to know Greg the more he wants to do more than just help him get through his grief, he wants to keep Greg for himself. But first before he can do that, he has to convince Greg to live again, to stop the self torture and allow Ap to bring him peace.
Ap is kind, sweet, and so patient exactly what the out of control, Greg needs.  Greg thinks he needs to punish himself every time he is happy, so he doesn’t forget his old master.  Ap teaches him only his dom can make those choices, and Ap is the dom.   Watching Greg go from pain, suffering, and heartache to love, understand, and strength was an emotional, journey for me. I really love the heart and soul in this book.  The BDSM brings all of that to the for front giving the story another layer to sink into. 
You do not have to read these books in order to get this story. However I would only because they are just that good.  If you do not like extreme scenes this story will make you slightly uncomfortable.  But for me it just brought another dynamic to the story and made it just that much more real.  This is a really memorable story with characters I will not soon forget. 

                                 Five Shooting Stars!!

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