Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Her Brother's Debt by Victoria Kowalski

Title  Her Brother’s Debt
Author Victoria Kowalski
Publisher:  Victoria Kowalski
Pages 178
Genre:  MMMF,  gay, bdsm, 
Warnings  Kidnapping, dubious consent,  not for squeamish readers.
Reviewer Redz

Publisher Blurb
Indebted to members of Scale Core, a man makes the ultimate sacrifice; His sister in exchange for his life. Can she learn to trust the three men of Scale Core, keep them satisfied and let them protected her when a dark figure from her past returns?

Karson Aimes had no idea that her life was about to be turned upside down. One day she was going about her business as usual and the next she was the captive of Donovan Lassiter, Spencer Garvey, and Liam Rosen, three of the richest and most dangerous men in the world. After having been abused in the past the thought of being with these three men terrifies her.

Donovan, Spencer and Liam had no intentions of falling for their new toy, but Karson’s fiery spirit and gentle nature soon had all of them falling for the payoff of Her Brother’s Debt. Can these three fiercely protective men keep her safe and teach her to how love them?

For mature audiences only, contains foul language, steamy sex scenes with BDSM elements, M/M and M/M/F scenes and a love you wouldn‘t think was able to work.

Her Brother’s Debt by Victoria Kowalski, this is my first time reading anything by Ms. Kowalski I found this book to be okay. I found a lot of real inconsistency inside this story that took me out of the plot.  Warning spoilers ahead- Karson is kidnapped in the middle of the night by three men, Spencer, Liam and Donovan.  Why? Because Brad her brother had a debt to pay off with Spencer, he doesn’t have the money to do it so he gives them his sister.
Karson- came from an abusive relationship, and is now at the mercy of three men, oh and one of them has cut her with a knife when she was kidnapped.
What does she do in the first couple of hours of meeting them?  Have sex with them.  And feel all safe and warm with them.   This had me going what? Really?   Ohh don’t worry this gets better or worse depends on how you see it.
The story moves along, within like a day all the men are in love with Karson. They love her feisty nature.  And they want her to have not one baby but three, one for each man.  Karson isn’t sure she wants this, but they do it anyways. Oh and while she is out they tattoo her without her permission.
Then she ends up carrying not one but three babies. At once.  At the end of the book she is pregnant after giving birth to triplets three months prior.  Medically she would be very high risk. 
You have to really suspend your beliefs to read this story.  Because for me I kept going oh my gosh they are trying to kill her. Or really why would she do that?
If you do not think too hard reading this story you will love it. If you have been pregnant before and understand how the body works you might be like me going no way. 
However I bet by now your thinking I hate this book right? Nope it is okay, the story is really compelling, the characters have a great development and the author is really good at drawing me in and wanting to love her men.  Liam is my favorite right now. Read this one and find out which man in this story is your favorite. 

                                        Four Twinkling Stars

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