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Forever Yours by Lynn Hagen

Forever Yours (MM)Title: Forever Yours
Series: Christian’s Coven, 8
Author:Lynn Hagen
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M
Word Count:43,700
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Kory Kendrick thought taking a shortcut through the woods would shave off time, until he runs across a corpse buried under a pile of leaves. He soon finds that the guy isn’t as dead as he thinks he is. Kory must find a way to get the guy home before the things that haunt the woods come out of hiding.
But what started out as trying to help a dying vampire soon turns into something that is wholly unexpected. Kory finds the man charming, sexy, and a bit on the odd side, whereas Dante looks at suburban life as a foreign concept, a strange way of living.
When the neighborhood watch gets involved, things heat up. The four men who patrol the neighborhood might have a brain cell between them. Complications increase when Kory's younger brother becomes deathly ill, and Kory must find a way to save Jonah while struggling with his desires for his newfound vampire.

Forever Yours by Lynn Hagen is the eighth story in her Christian’s Coven series and definitely needs to be read in chronological order.
After the angst in Ceri, Dante and Kory gave us a much needed rest.  Even Dante’s fears felt lighter in comparison.  I thoroughly enjoyed the naivetĂ© and innocence of Kory.  I could see that after what Dante had experienced Kory would provide something necessary to him.  I loved the humor that Ms. Hagen also gave us.  I mean the neighborhood watch men were hysterical even if why they did it felt sad.  I loved their antics and knew that had a hand in helping Dante forgive himself.  In this story, Ms. Hagen did a wonderful job of balancing competing needs all while giving Kory and Dante time to learn each other.  I enjoyed the light heartedness of the story even while it dealt with pain.  Kory’s family was a wonderfully fitting back drop in his growing relationship.  I loved their easy acceptance.  It felt natural and real.
I appreciated the lightheartedness Ms. Hagen gave us as the battle between good and evil began to heat up.  I loved that she balanced the horror with the hope.  I thought she gave us a well needed look at innocence coupled with strength and I am looking forward to what happens next.

                             Four Twinkling Stars!!
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