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Divine Charity by Heather Rainier

Divine Charity (MFMM)Title: Divine Charity
Series: Divine Creek Ranch, 18
Author: Heather Rainier
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary and M/F, M/F/M, M/F/M/M
Word Count:108,297
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Charity has adored Justin since he stole her heart twenty-two years ago, and together they’ve built a steadfast love. She’d do anything for him, except ask for her deepest desire, because the risk of hurting him is too great.
The day he claimed Charity’s heart, Justin swore he’d never share her love, but time has given him a new perspective. Despite her attempts to hide it, Justin knows Charity has always loved his cousins, Val and Ransome. Now older and wiser, he wants to give her the same fulfillment her sister Grace enjoys with the men she loves.
Seeing so many ménages in Divine gives Val and Ransome hope, and when fate offers them an opportunity, they seize the chance for a future with Charity. When an innocent victim from their past adventures reaches out to them, they provide safe haven, not knowing that doing so will ultimately place the woman they love in danger.

Charity has been a fixture throughout the Divine Creek Ranch series and with Divine Charity Ms. Rainier shakes up not only Charity but her relationship with Justin.  Both Charity and Justin have supported their friends and provided advice as the “old” married couple of the group, but were they meant to be just a couple?  We learn that but for Justin’s possessive nature they could have been much more.  But with age comes wisdom and Justin is ready to give Charity more than she ever thought she would have.  I must say that at first I was a bit disappointed in Justin and his actions.  I had grown to love him and finding out the shenanigans of his younger self I was leery but like the artist she is Ms. Rainier used it to show just how far Justin had grown.  He was more secure in both himself and Charity’s feelings.  Secure enough to allow Val and Ransome into his marriage bed.  I loved how well Justin knew his wife and why he decided to change their relationship dynamics.  Ms. Rainier made it appear seamless and natural for this couple to become more.  It wasn’t because they were lacking but because Charity’s heart could handle more.  I loved that Ms. Rainier added to the fullness of their relationship because the timing was right not because the relationship was in trouble.
This story was full of layers.  Ms. Rainier showed us a relationship full of love and laughter.  She gave us characters full of emotional depth and growth and it wasn’t limited to Charity and her men.  I am such a fan of this series and a fully developed story with sexual heat is something I have come to expect from Heather Rainier.  She didn’t disappoint with Charity’s tale and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

                                 Five Shooting Stars!! 

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Heather Rainier said...

Thank you so much, Luna and RedzWorld! I really appreciate the lovely review. I'm so glad that Divine Charity satisfied.