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Ceri by Lynn Hagen

Ceri (MM)Title: Ceri
Series: Christian’s Coven, 7
Author: Lynn Hagen
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M
Word Count: 40,159
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
He watches his mate from afar, unable to touch, hold, or claim the man. Distance is Ceridian's reality, his torment. He exists outside the vampire population, living with an unnatural craving that seems to grow stronger whenever he is near Virgil—a man who haunts his very dreams. Ceri feels more dead than alive as he watches life go on all around him, but he is powerless against the dark force keeping him chained to the shadows.
Virgil has never fit in. Not in Dante's coven, and not in Christian's. He passes each night longing for the one man who refuses to claim him, Ceri. He knows of Ceri's hunger, and he is desperate to find a way around the man's flesh cravings. He is even willing to sacrifice his own life to be with the vampire. And it may just come to that as their bond grows in ways neither had expected. They are plunged into danger, deception, and infinite pleasure beyond imagining.

If you ever wanted to see a brooding and tortured soul, you need look no further than Lynn Hagen’s Ceri.  The next story in Lynn Hagen’s Christian’s Coven series definitely should be read in chronological order but is a wonderful addition to the series. 
A broken promise, his sexual escapades and belly full of hate has led Ceri to become something even he struggles to stomach.  But there was always these peeks of the man Ceri could and should be that made me love him.  Even as he was forced to eat flesh (thankfully Ms. Hagen kept the description of how out of the story), Ceri struggled.  I am not sure his brothers or others appreciated just how hard Ceri was struggling to escape his fate.  I appreciated the character of the man Ms. Hagen showed us as Ceri’s struggles intensified once he met his mate.  I loved the care he showed for Virgil even if he is unable to complete their mating.  And poor Virgil, he wanted his mate and intellectually understood why they couldn’t be together, but in his heart felt undeserving.  Two men, one seen by others as a monster the other in his heart felt monstrous.  As I got to know more about both men, I saw just how well they fit.  They understood the darkness in the other and you would think that would not make for a good combination but Ms. Hagen managed to make the combination not only work but work for them.  I loved how even as Virgil empowered Ceri’s demons he also gave Ceri the strength to fight.  I loved how Ceri gave Virgil something to fight for. 
I loved seeing Ceri get his happily ever after.  I thought Ms. Hagen gave us a well written story full of twists and turns.  I am looking forward to where she will take us next in this growing war.

                      Five Shooting Stars !!

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