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Wedding Bells Times Four by Trinity Blacio

Title: Wedding Bells Times Four
Series: The Virgin Witch & The Vampire King, 2
Author:Trinity Blacio
Publisher:Riverdale Ave. Books
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/F, M/F/M, M/M/F, M/M, M/M/F/M/M
Page Count: 297 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Best-selling paranormal romance author Trinity Blacio brings her characters from the beloved short story, The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King back in this riveting page-turner that culminates in not one, but four, supernatural Christmas marriages.
The ancient scrolls decreed that she was made for the Vampire King. But they failed to mention that she would also be mated to two werewolf brothers and a prehistoric vampire.
When the four of them join forces to protect her, love her, and drive her crazy, Beth knows she’s in trouble. Not to mention the fact that war is breaking out all around them and Beth has to plan for her wedding to not one man, but four.
Edward had always been a patient man, but after two kidnappings, a shooting and being cursed, he was ready to rip someone apart. However, he wasn’t the only one.
Dred and Rock Nester, werewolf twin brothers, were hired to guard the King’s woman. The only problem was she was also their mate as was the Vampire King himself.
Lucas, one of the original vampires, and mate to Beth Roman wakes up to a new world and a human witch standing before him. A war is brewing around them, but his only concern is her safety. Nothing or no one would harm their woman even if all of them have to coexist with the other men.

With Wedding Bells Times Four by Trinity Blacio we return to the world of The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King.  Although this book is listed as first in the series, in actuality it is second and takes off approximately a year after The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King so it is best to have read it prior.  
I loved thatMs. Blacio showed us having the happily ever after is hard work.  Factor in the fact that Beth has little experience with not only sex but being around so many people, Ms. Blacio gave us a story and characters with many layers.  There was a steep learning curve for Beth and her men, especially as we learn that it is in fact men and not man.  While I didn’t like to see that Beth had to continually fight to be heard and respected I loved the fact she was willing to do so.  She was dropped into a world she didn’t quite understand and she persevered.  I admired her wit, courageand stamina (I mean four virile men J).
That is not to say her men were not to be admired.  They were men used to others following and controlling all aspects of their world.  Now they have to learn to share, not only their woman but each other.  This while fighting unknown enemies.  I could accept that a relationship would slip down on the list of priorities but I loved how Ms. Blacio reminded them where their priorities should be.
I adored this new world that Ms. Blacio is building.  She has given us characters that continue to grow even as they fight for right and I can’t wait to see what happens next!
                                   Five Shooting Stars

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