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The Dom Unleashes His Wolf by Cara Adams

The Dom Unleashes His Wolf (MFM)Title: The Dom Unleashes His Wolf
Series: Unchained Love, 1
Author: Cara Adams
Publisher: Siren Publishing-BookStrand
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/F, M/F/M
Word Count:  40,907
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
When Gaynor Lee and Cameron Wilson discover their Dom is a wolf shape-shifter, their relationship is suddenly turned on its head. Everything has to change. For protection, they consider moving into a BDSM community, Carnal Connections, but then rogue panthers try to steal Gaynor’s friend Ramona. Is nowhere safe to live?
And how will they adjust to life in a BDSM community? They’ve always practiced a moderate form of BDSM, nothing too hard-core. Not to mention that Tor Martin is a wolf and most of the other shape-shifters there are panthers. Can cats and dogs cooperate, especially when some of them are Doms?
Meanwhile, Carnal Connections opens their eyes and minds to all sorts of sexual possibilities. BDSM has always been immensely freeing and fulfilling for all of them, but it gets even better. Until Tor wants Gaynor and Cameron to commit to him.

This was my first time reading author Cara Adams and it will not be my last.  I enjoyed The Dom Unleashes His Wolf the first story in the Unchained Love series. 
I enjoyed the relationship between Tor, Gaynor and Cameron.  I was initially surprised that Cameron allowed Tor to dominate him with no direct sexual interaction, but as I got to know them both, I understood why.  It fit them.  Tor was able to direct his submissives and participate or not.  Cameron was able to let go and not be responsible for making a decision while enjoying the outcome.  I think I even envied the fact he was seen as an equal everywhere but in the bedroom.  And his sexually submissive nature did not detract from his ability to stand up for himself when he didn’t agree with Tor or Gaynor for that matter. 
But my favorite character was Tor.  He so wanted to control every aspect of not only his life but those of Gaynor and Cameron.  He learned harshly but comically that he could control very little.  I loved how Ms. Adams showed Tor just how much of an illusion control is.  Seeing Gaynor and Cameron regain their broken trust was well written and thought out. 
I enjoyed this story by Ms. Adams and look forward to reading more from her in the future.
                                            Four Twinkling Stars !!

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Thank you so much for your awesome review, Luna.
Cara Adams