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Taming a Beta's Heart by Stormy Glenn

Taming a Beta
Title: Taming a Beta’s Heart
Series: Scent of a Mate, 5
Author: Stormy Glenn
Publisher: Siren Publishing-Book Strand
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/M
Word Count: 28,077
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Kumiko Hara was a man others feared, a man who spent his life protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves. When he meets Trevor Marshall and learns of the horrors the man had been subjected to his entire life, Kumiko decides to do everything in his power to make sure the gorgeous man is safe. Discovering that the man is his mate just makes it all that much easier.
Trevor Marshall spent the majority of his life tucked away from everyone. He has no concept of social interactions or even how to act around other shifters. He simply knows that he must follow his alpha’s words or be punished. When he finds himself mated to a man that insists his alpha isn’t the true alpha, Trevor doesn’t know if he can trust his instincts. 
Placed in an impossible situation, Trevor has to decide who he trusts—his father or the stranger that makes him burn with desire.  

I am such a fan of the Scent of a Mate series by Stormy Glenn and was excited to learn the next installment would feature Kumiko.  I loved that such power came in such a little package.  Kumiko seemed almost angry but he was so deeply loyal and protective, I wanted him to have someone willing to look past his stoic face and with Taming a Beta’s Heart, Kumiko gets someone who needs him and what he provides.
Kumiko was a deadly man in a petite package and was always discounted because of it.  But he was smart enough to use that to his advantage and I think he was more deadly on two legs than four.  And Trevor so desperately needed someone who could protect him.  I loved that Kumiko did not assume that Trevor’s fear also made him weak and stupid.  He appreciated that Trevor’s current needs dovetailed nicely with his needs and personality.  It would be interesting to see how things change as Trevor blossoms but that is another story.  In this one I thoroughly enjoyed seeing just how deadly Kumiko is juxtaposed by how tender he is with Trevor.  I loved how even Kumiko is surprised by the needs Trevor brings out in him.
I thought Ms. Glenn gave us a wonderful story of strength and survival.  Both Trevor and Kumiko learned something new about who and what they could become.  I loved the kick ass action that permeated throughout this story alongside the growing tenderness between Kumiko and Trevor.  I continue to be a fan of Ms. Glenn and look forward to where she will take us next.

                                       Five Shooting Stars!!

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