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Silk Monsoon by Jamie Broxson

Title:   Silk Monsoon

Series title: Thread of the Storm 1

Author:  Jamie Broxson

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Genre: GLBT, Historical Romance

Heat level: (M/M, Anal play/sex, Oral Sex)

Number of Pages: 136

Reviewer Cassiopeia

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Publisher Blurb:

When Maxwell Trifton learns his father is dying, he sails to India to assume his duties as heir to the Trifton Silk legacy. Having spent his youth in London, he has forgotten the ways of the exotic land, and hes never had a chance to learn his role. While helping Maxwell learn the ropes, Jake Graeme, factory supervisor and son of a wealthy investor, also shows him a side of India hes never known. Mysterious yet down to earth, Jake intrigues Maxwell. Likewise, despite Jakes intentions, his attraction to Maxwell is unstoppable. Soon, the two are caught up in a passionate affair. But Trifton Silk harbors hidden treachery, and when Maxwell's father dies, Maxwell and Jake face a dangerous foe. They must fight for all theyre worth to save the Trifton legacyand to hold onto their chance at happily ever after.

Review of book:

Silk Monsoon was my first exposure to Jamie Broxsons work, and while I wasnt wild about the piece as a whole, there were many things about it that I enjoyed.  For one, I love historical romances set in exotic locations - and India definitely qualifies as one.  The idea that characters, who would in their normal societal setting behave with much more restraint, succumb to the primitive draw of the steamy jungle is a turn on for me, and this story definitely has it in spades. 

Max was a strange bird to me. Hed spent his childhood in India and when his twin sister fell ill and passed from Cholera, was shipped off to England to live with his uncle in an effort to minimize the chance of his being infected.  However, when the story opens, Max is on his way back to his familys home in India to spend time with his father (suffering from Malaria) and it seems that he has absolutely no emotional recollection of the time hed spent on the Dark Continent.  It was as if hed never visited there previously, and I felt that it prevented me from really connecting to Max as much as I would have liked.

Jake was the quintessential rake.  He was handsome, charming, and at first glance, willing to do whatever it took to come out on top.  I really didnt care for him when he first appeared in the plot, but as time went on found that he was just as vulnerable as Max was, but in his own way.  However, the speed that the two of them fell into bed together didnt work for me.  In spite of my earlier statement concerning people throwing their good behavior out of the window, I think that the plot would have been better served if there was some time for the sexual tension to build before it broke open like the Fourth of July.  Still, when Jake and Max came together (both figuratively and literally), it was passionate with a hint of danger and desperation that pushed all of the right buttons. 

If you like steamy sex in a steamier locale, then grab Silk Monsoon by Jamie Broxson - she knows how to get the blood pumping in all of the right ways!

                                                         Four Twinkling Stars!!

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