Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Second Chances by Trinity Blacio

Second Chances

How many of you believe we should have a second or third chance at love? Are you still with your first love? Many of us, including myself have failed a number of times at finding the right person to share our lives. Sometimes I wish it was so easy as to know that special one is yours by a physical reaction like that I betray in my paranormal stories.
Just think, Mr. or Mrs. Right could be walking by and you wouldn’t have a clue. At least in my reality, the couples I create belong together. Oh sure, they have their ups and down, danger around every corner, but in the end, all that matters is their love for one another.
To be able to trust this person without doubt to know he or she will be there to back you up even if you are wrong. To love you enough to pick you up when you stumble and fall.  To defend you against anything small or big, that is what my new series focuses on. That and the fact that us mature people deserve to dream as well.

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If you haven’t found your other half yet what important trait is important? Or if you have tell us what one thing your love has done for you that stands above all else in your heart.  Me, the perfect man would be there for me no matter how I appear. Puffy eyes in the morning, hair thinning out, round in the tummy and legs, but most of all he would always be there with his arms around me holding me when I need to cry.
Trust is a big issue for me also, if you are going to fib stay away. I’ve got that enough in my life now I don’t need it. I’m the type of person I’d rather hurt than be lied to. I think that is what attracts me so much to the BDSM lifestyle. Even though some people stick their nose up at it there is one thing that stands out about it, honesty. If there is no honesty there can be no trust between a Dom and his Sub.

This is why this new book, Grandmas Need Loving Too, is so close to my heart. In these stories each woman will have a part of me in them and maybe a part of you too?  Check out the review here.
So for my CONTEST, yes I said CONTEST if you reply and answer one of my questions from above you will be entered to choose what series you would like in PDF. My Masters of the Cats, The Virgin Witch and The Vampire King or my Surrender Series. One lucky person will get all the books in one of those series sent via email to them. J
What’s coming next for me? Book 2 for my new series hopefully before Halloween, a new Native American story, also a secret project I’m working on and I’m also hoping to get the fourth book in my Masters of the Cats out before Christmas. Busy, busy, busy…
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