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Maizy and the Bear Charmer by Heather Rainier

Maizy the Bear Charmer (MFMM)Title: Maizy the Bear Charmer
Series: Divine Creek Ranch, 16
Author: Heather Rainier
Publisher: Siren Publishing-Bookstrand
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary and M/F, M/F/M/M, M/F/M
Word Count:  131,546
Reviewer Name:  Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Maizy Owen is living her dream, working as a kindergarten teacher. Her profession gives her purpose, but her personal life is another story. Recently rejected by her fiancé, Maizy struggles to hide a part of her nature that she longs to freely express.
Cody Welsh , Heath Lindsey, and Spencer Ketchum, affectionately known to their friends as “the bears,” have been searching for the mysterious belly dancer who laid claim to their hearts nearly a year ago. Their paths cross on a rainy morning when Spencer can’t take his eyes off of a bubbly, dark-haired beauty with an unconscious urge to dance.
Far from overwhelmed by the bear’s immense combined presence, Maizy finds comfort and acceptance in their arms. They set out to discover if their growing bond can thrive, realizing her dream job may be jeopardized. Thanks to the gossip mill in Divine, it quickly becomes clear that Maizy has a choice to make. Keep her job or lose the men she loves.

Visits to Heather Rainier’s fictional world of Divine, are always a blast and this occasion was just as much fun!  Ms. Rainier has been teasing us with Cody, Heath and Spencer’s search for their mysterious belly dancer and we finally get to see who that masked woman is. 
Ms. Rainier gave us a sexy, sensual take on a fairytale about three bears and in her case “Maizy-locks.”    Instead of “Maizy-locks” trying to find out what is just right, three men are looking for that woman who is just right! 
I adored Cory, Heath and Spencer, three big “beary” men who were uber protective of women.  Ms. Rainier gave us strong male characters that were more than their appearance.  Each man had a rough start in life but together managed to survive and grow from the experience.  I loved that each man was unique.  Spencer was super sensitive, Heath more happy go lucky and Cory super bossy but together they were a force to be reckoned with!  These men just fit with our friends and family in the Divine Creek Ranch series. 
I thought Maizy was a wonderful mixture of sexy, sassy and shy.  She treasured her job and grew to love her men even as she knew that something would have to give.  In Maizy Ms. Rainier gave us a wonderfully strong female character ready, willing and able to fight for her men.  Her “bears” needed someone who could see them as individuals and love them for their differences and Maizy did that and then some.  Maizy blossomed under the love of her three men as Ms. Rainier showed us a woman who became more secure in both herself and her relationship. 
I respected how Cody, Heath, Spencer and Maizy were willing to fight for their right to love and accepted the consequences of that love.  I was impressed with their determination and willingness to do whatever was necessary even to their detriment. 
I appreciated seeing a community come together in acceptance instead of divisiveness.  I liked seeing old friends and new find happiness even as they stood up for each other.  I thoroughly enjoyed Maizy the Bear Charmer and look forward to what else will happen in Divine, Texas.

                                     Four twinkling stars

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