Sunday, August 24, 2014

Love Under Two Quaterbacks by Cara Covington

Love Under Two Quarterbacks (MFM)Title: Love Under Two Quarterbacks
Series: Lusty, Texas, 16
Author: Cara Covington
Publisher: Siren Publishing-BookStrand
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary and M/F/M (oral and anal sex, spanking)
Word Count:87,491
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Ari Stein is certain that romance is nowhere in the cards for her. Carrying the scars from a traumatic childhood, she’s wandered, rootless, until she landed in Lusty. Now her restless spirit has calmed and for the first time since she was teen, she feels safe and at home.
Twins, Cord and Jackson Benedict, have built rather amazing careers in the NFL, earning themselves the moniker, “The Wonder Twins.” Then Jackson takes a hit in training camp and it’s time to start over.
Grandma Kate convinced them to come to Lusty and meet this side of their family. One look at Ari and they know they made the right move—and once they see the way the Lusty branch of their family lives, they know what they want their future to be. Will they succeed in getting Ari to open up and trust them? Or will a specter from her past, and an annoying little pissant from theirs, stop them from finding their happy ever after?

Cara Covington has done it again!  I just finished reading Love Under Two Quarterbacks and find myself a bit overwhelmed.  Ms. Covington gave us a story full of emotion and caring.  I was sad to see it end but happy to see their beginning.  I thought this story so well written I don’t even know where to begin.  Should I begin with Ari?  One tough cookie, with a big ole chip on her shoulder, who was surprised to find the people of Lusty had managed to chip away at while she wasn’t looking.  A town where everyone knew her name and cared about and for her.  A town that gave her the courage to try when the opportunity presented itself in the form of Jackson and Cord.  Or should I begin with Jackson and Cord?  Brothers that have done most everything together even reach the heights of a job well done only to have it snatched before at least one of them was ready.  Men who didn’t allow their fame to define them.  Who came to Lusty looking for something and gained not only a deeper sense of family but of community as well.
I don’t think I realize just how much of a character the town of Lusty has become.  It is just as important as the characters that find love within its borders.  Within its confines Ms. Covington’s characters find support and acceptance which allows them to blossom and this story was no different.  It allows the reader to see an underbelly of human depravity and know it will be alright.  I thoroughly enjoy my visits to Lusty, Texas and look forward to where Ms. Covington will lead us next.

                                Five Shooting Stars!! 

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