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Love Lesson's Learned by K.C. Wells

Title:   Love Lessons Learned

Series title:  Learning to Love 4

Author:    K.C. Wells

Publisher:    Dreamspinner Press

Genre:    GLBT, Contemporary

 (M/M, Anal Play/Sex, Oral Sex, Public Sex)

Number of Pages: 286

Reviewer Cassiopeia

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Publisher Blurb:

John Wainwright is having a momentous day. To start off, he lands his first teaching job. Then his brother, Evan, and Evans husband, Daniel, take him out to celebrate in Manchesters gay village. An encounter with a sexy man forces John to admit what hes been denying for too longhes gay. His coming out proves hes supported and loved by his family and roommates. What more could a man want? Theres just one small problem: Johns dishy Head Teacher, Brett Sanderson, and Johns gigantic crush on him. Too bad Brett is straight.

Brett Sanderson leads a double life. At thirty-three, he is the Head Teacher of a primary school. But for seven years now, during every school holiday, Brett has fled to Brighton, where he becomes Rob,a man who has a different guy in his bed every night but has never had a relationship.

Once hes back in school, Brett is firmly back in that closet, until his newest staff member starts prying open the door. When John pulls out all the stops to get Bretts attention, neither man is prepared for the consequences.

Review of book:

Im just going to come right out and say it - Im a sucker for Brits.  That made Love Lessons Learned by K.C. Wells a really entertaining read for me.  Her characters were well rounded, warm, funny, and engaging, with a plot that was alternately romantic and steamy by turns.  This is the fourth book in the series, and though I havent read any of the previous installments, I enjoyed this one so much that I will be working through them.

John Wainwright struggled with taking that first step to admitting that he was homosexual.  He knew that hed have support from his family - his younger brother Evan had already come out to them successfully - but his chosen professional made it difficult to be open about his sexuality. His fear was that narrow-minded people still equated being gay with molesting children, though nothing could be farther from the truth.  Watching the scenes with his students unfold was very telling to the kind of man he was.  He not only was good at his job - he loved it - and I enjoyed seeing someone follow their bliss and live their dream employment-wise.  The one bump in the road with his career, was Brett Sanderson, the Head Teacher (I believe here in America he would be called the principal).  Brett was attractive, engaging and in Johns mind, very, very straight. 

He was also assigned as Johns mentor and responsible for assessing the new teachers performance.

Brett wasnt as straight as he appeared to be, but feeling that coming out would also damage his career, chose to confine his sexual encounters to Brighton, an area well known for their tolerance of the Gay lifestyle.  His growing attraction to John was fueled as much by his mental connection with a like-minded individual, as it was due to the physical attraction Brett experienced.

Youd think that with these characters, it would be easy for them to forge a connection, but it was far from it.  I would actually hurt for the two of them with their one step forward, two steps backmethod of approaching their relationship, and I was glad that John had his three (also Gay) housemates to help him work through his first experience with love.  Brett could have easily been dismissed as a callous and selfish person, but I could see that hed been struggling with his sexuality for a long time, and as the Head Teacher in his school, had quite a bit to lose by coming out.  Still, watching him come to the realization that hooking up for the sole purpose of no strings sexwasnt as satisfying as hed previously thought was a treat.  Both men worked through some terrifyingly emotional personal issues and I thought it added a nice touch to the story.

Main characters aside, Ms. Wells did a superb job with fleshing out the secondaries to just the right amount.  Not so much that it detracted from the plot, but just enough that I really, really want to see the housemates (Stu, Martin, and Alec), and Max get their own time to shine. If youre a fan of the M/M genre, and find a story thats both sexy and romantic gratifying, then I youll definitely have a soft spot for Love Lessons Learned by K.C. Wells.

                                        Five Shooting Stars!! 

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