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His Silent Mate by Jess Buffett

His Silent Mate (MM)Title: His Silent Mate
Series: Hunter Clan, 4
Author: Jess Buffett
Publisher: Siren Publishing-Bookstrand
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal and M/M
Word Count:26,593
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Jayden McLeod is used to betrayal. After years spent at the hands of an enemy and unable to speak after his own brother was forced to suppress his voice, he struggles to connect with the people around him. Particularly his mate.
As a Wolf-Shifter/Spirit Mage hybrid, Rhys Scott is used to hiding who he really is. When Rhys learns what the Spirit element has done to his mate, he is hesitant to reveal his true self to Jayden. Like all secrets though, the truth is revealed and Rhy must prove to his mate that he is worth a second chance.
Things become more dangerous when the Clan discovers Potestas is closer than they thought, and are no longer playing by the rules. With new allies and unknown enemies, the pair must learn to trust one another and accept themselves if they stand a chance of surviving.

His Silent Mate by Jess Buffett is fourth in the Hunter Clan series.  It is best read in chronological order since each book essential takes off where the prior one ends.  Having said that I must admit that I loved this story.  To be clearer, I adored Rhys.  Rhys has been a character that has quietly waited in the background until Ms. Buffett decided it was his turn.  And when she decided she went big!  This story was action packed from beginning to end as the battle between Potestas and the world heats up.  But intersperse throughout the action we get a closer look at Rhys, and what I learned I adored.  Rhys was so quiet and steady he could have been easily forgotten but Ms. Buffett allowed for Rhys’ insecurities and strengths to have a full airing.  I love a smart man and Rhys was intelligent but caring and I adored his patience with Jayden.  He had a strength that didn’t need to be shouted from the roof tops but felt sure and steady which I found to be so sexy.  He could admit when he was wrong and worked hard to rectify it so that he could have a future with his mate. 
Suffice to say I have a new book boyfriend in Rhys!  I loved the way Ms. Buffett moved the series forward while allowing me to fall in love with a quiet alpha.  I look forward to seeing where she will take us next and who my next boyfriend maybe!

                             Five Shooting Stars!!

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