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Heart of a Mate by Stormy Glenn Heart of a Mate
Series: Scent of a Mate, 4
Author:Stormy Glenn
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M, M/M/M (oral and anal sex)
Word Count:41,967
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Patch Mason is content to sit back and watch his brother be the new Regal Elder until one of the men coming to see him turns out to be the mate that rejected him and sent men after him to destroy his life. Forgiveness isn’t something he has in him, not anymore.
Otto Marshall has been looking for his missing mate for months. He gave the man up once to save him from a fate worse than death only to find out that in giving him up, he nearly destroyed him. Forgiveness is not something he has the right to ask for, but neither is losing Patch a second time.
Sam Holloway is sent to warn the Marshall brothers that their father has escaped prison. He never dreamed that he would discover not one, but two mates, or that both of them would be the targets of an insane alpha bent on revenge. If he can’t get them to come to terms with each other then he might lose them both.

I have just read my new favorite book in Stormy Glenn’s Scent of a Mate series with Heart of a Mate.  This book is best read in chronological order as it starts off essentially where Heavenly Scent ends.  Prior to getting to know Patch’s history, I wasn’t sure if I would like him.  He was harder than Jude and closed off.  I couldn’t fathom how Ms. Glenn would make him more likeable having met Jude but I shouldn’t have been surprised that Ms.Glenn did not just make him likeable she helped us understand and empathize with his history.  By tales end we learned that Patch was more than his anger and fear with skills that surprised even his mates.
However, I think my favorite character in this tale was Otto.  I was looking forward to Otto getting his happily ever after and was curious as to who his mate was when he mentioned having one.  We already knew that Otto’s past was painful and full of difficult decisions.  But seeing the pain and despair he felt when he mate refused to let him explain, left a hole in my heart and it wasn’t even happening to me.  That is the gift of Ms. Glenn’s words, her ability to paint a vivid picture, in my mind at least.  Otto’s pain was palpable.  But he didn’t allow that to get him down for long even as he is gutted yet again by the actions of his father.  I loved the strength he had as he tried to rise above it all even as he asked for help.  Who wouldn’t love a man who understood that admitting he didn’t know it all and is willing to ask for help?  With Otto Ms. Glenn gave us such a man.
I adored this story and Ms. Glenn’s ability to paint a picture that tugged at my emotions.  I have always been a fan of her work and the love affair continues with this addition to Ms. Glenn’s body of work.

                         Five Shooting Stars


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