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Desire Unleashed by Leah Brooke

Desire Unleashed (MFM)Title: Desire Unleashed
Series: Desire, Oklahoma, 9
Author: Leah Brooke
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary and M/F, M/F/M (oral and anal sex)
Word Count:  123,028
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Jake and Natalie Langley’s marriage was perfect, or so she thought. 
But, something had changed—a distance that had never been there before.
And she didn’t know why.
Braced for the worst, she’s shocked at news she’d never bargained for.
Hoyt Campbell was on his way, and he wanted to be a part of her life again.
Scared of the feelings she’d harbored for her son’s biological father, and the only other man she’d ever loved, she begs Jake to refuse to allow him to come.
But, Hoyt, now retired from the Navy, was already on his way, determined to win back the only woman he’d ever loved, even if it meant sharing her with the man he’d trusted to take care of her long ago.
Despite her feelings for Hoyt, Nat’s determined to fight for her marriage.
But she hadn’t counted on both men uniting in their decision to share her—a decision that would change their lives forever.

I must say that Ms. Brooke kept us on pins and needles waiting to find out what was wrong with Jake and Natalie’s marriage.  They have been a staple from book one and I didn’t want them to be anything other than happy.  So I was floored and ecstatic with the twist that Ms. Brooke threw us in the latest Desire, Oklahoma book Desire Unleashed. 
Who would dare try to come between the couple that I have adored throughout this series?  What secrets were they hiding?  Would they be able to move past this hiccup?  Ms. Brooke answered all this and more.  I thought it was admirable how she even made a story for Jake and Natalie viable as something more than a novella.  I mean they were a couple even as the series began and usually what you get is something along the lines of a prequel but Ms. Brooke did more than that.  She gave us not only their history but managed to make them stronger together and made me love Jake even more than I had in the past.
In Desire Unleashed we learned so much more about the strong dominant man Jake was and is.  The depth of his devotion to Natalie was even more apparent as we learned how this couple began even as their lives changed dramatically with the addition of Hoyt.  I loved how Jake dominated Natalie in the past but Ms. Brooke brought out a new level of intensity to Jake’s character in this tale.  She coupled that intensity with peaks of his insecurity as well as showing us his complete understanding of the woman he married.  I found myself swooning and wishing for a Jake of my own. 
Hoyt was no slouch either.  He was struggling with the reality of being able to show the woman he has always loved that affection.  He had to learn that loving a fantasy was somewhat different the reality.  Seeing the intimacy up close while trying to make a place for himself was handled well by Ms. Brooke.  She allowed me to see this strong man accept that Natalie made him both strong and weak.  Something rarely understood until you are in the weeds so to speak.  I loved that Ms. Brooke did not sugarcoat just how hard it would be to become an intimate trio, especially when the resulting relationships had different beginnings.  I mean Natalie and Jake lived daily together and with that comes a level of comfort that Hoyt was just beginning to understand and come to need. 
And oh to be the Natalie in this Jake and Hoyt sandwich, I mean who wouldn’t want two strong men to love just you.  Men who showed the depth of their love with a willingness to do whatever it took to make you happy.  I loved that she loved them just as much as they loved her.  She struggled to make everyone happy and had to learn even after all this time, the importance of communication. 
I think this has just become one of my favorite stories by Ms. Brooke.  She continues to stretch as a writer and gets better each time.  She layered a story full of emotional depth and intimacy along with action and passion.  She didn’t shy away from showing the hurt feelings and jealousy that were sure to be an issue.  Her brutal honesty made this story all the better for me.  I look forward to what she has in store for us in the future.

                                      Five Shooting Stars

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