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Daamon's Choice by Jory Strong

Title: Daamon’s Choice
Series: Fallon Mates, 5
Author: Jory Strong
Publisher: Elloras Cave
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal, M/M
Page Count: 74 pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Fallon Mates, Book Five
After finally acknowledging his sexual attraction to the human scientist he’s been protecting, Daamon d’Vesti intends to return to Earth and act on it—only to learn he’s been matched to a female, and is expected to choose a co-mate and claim her. Torn between duty and desire, but unable to withstand the primitive, possessive hunger for Grayson, Daamon succumbs to temptation, allowing himself one taste, one day inside Grayson’s body before fulfilling his obligation to his people.
On the cusp of adopting a child, Grayson fights his fervent desire for Daamon, the mysterious friend and neighbor his foster son calls “Batman”. Mind-blowing sex isn’t enough, especially when Daamon infers his own future doesn’t include a male lover. But when a blackmailing ex threatens the adoption, Daamon proves to be not only the man Grayson wants, but also the hero both he and Parker need.
Inside Scoop: This story contains urgent, unforgettable male/male sex.

It has been a while since Jory Strong has written about the Vesti and the Amato so when I saw she had returned to the world that included the Fallon Mates I couldn’t wait to see what she had to say.  In Daamon’s Choice I wasn’t disappointed with the return.  I will state that you will better understand Daamon and his choice having read prior books in the series, but it isn’t necessary to understand this particular story.
I enjoyed the connection that Daamon had with both Grayson and Parker, and that was even before Daamon made an appearance!  Grayson and Parker both had feelings for Daamon they cherished and it was apparent in the way they looked to him even in their thoughts.  So when we finally met Daamon in person, so to speak, I at least, had high expectations.  Daamon didn’t disappoint.  He was a male fighting his own nature and later his duty.  Ms. Strong conveyed his struggle quite well and in such a way that made Daamon that much more likeable.  His growing attraction to Grayson is considered “wrong” within his culture and just as he understood that it was right for him, he gets thrown a curveball he isn’t expecting.  I loved how he handled and protected the family that he has come to consider his.  I adored the strength he exhibited even as we saw his insecurities. 
And Grayson was nothing to sneeze at for such a “nerdy” man.  He was adorable as he struggled to be a parent to Parker.  He wasn’t happy to be doing it alone but willing to do whatever was necessary to give Parker security, even if it cost him his heart.  Quite impressive for anyone, man or woman.  While Grayson needed someone with a more dominant personality he still would stand for Parker and his self-respect which I found admirable.
I thoroughly enjoyed my return to this world created by Ms. Strong.  And look forward to seeing just how the Vesti and Amato change and grow.

                              Five Shooting Stars

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