Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cody's Eternal Sheriff by Alice Cain

Title: Cody’s Eternal Sheriff
Series: Lupinville, 3
Author: Alice Cain
Publisher: Alice Cain
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M
Page Count or Word Count:36,190
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
At loose ends now that his son has started college, Cody drops by the camping grounds, the scene of his biggest failure fourteen years ago, to reminisce about the man who helped him when he needed help the most. The gorgeous, sexy, compassionate Sheriff Hayworth has haunted Cody's dreams ever since.
Finding the sheriff unchanged, no signs of aging, and just as gorgeous as ever is a serious shock, but the mutual attraction is incredible. The sex is hot and the guy is sweet in a growly sort of way. A vacation fling seems like a perfect idea. Heck, it could probably grow into more if Trent didn't live in a fantasy world. Why on Earth would the guy think he's a werewolf?
But when a student is attacked at the local high school and Cody learns more than he wanted to know about the people of Lupinville, will he turn tail and run, or will he be able to turn his life around once more?
Trent waited two-hundred-and-eighty-six years to meet his mate. He's not about to give up now, not even when that mate turns out to be male, or when the man thinks Trent is insane, or even when he finally learns the truth about Lupinville. As long as he can convince Cody to stay for a while, they have a chance.
At least, that was the plan…

This was my first opportunity to read author Alice Cain’s work and I can honestly say it will not be the last.  When I first picked up Cody’s Eternal Sheriff I did not realize it was third in the Lupinville series, but this story could be read as a standalone. 
I must say I truly enjoyed meeting Cody and Trent.  Ms. Cain quickly gave us their history and I appreciated the strength it took for Cody to not only change his life but also successfully raise a child.  I wasn’t sure I was going to like Cody at his first appearance but he showed a strength of character few people have and he was a bit self-deprecating about it.  I thought that was just as adorable as Trent did.  Speaking of Trent I loved this strong man that found himself attracted to a man, something so out of his comfort level.  I loved that he was truthful with Cody almost from the beginning.  It wasn’t his fault that Cody didn’t believe him, but I so enjoyed Ms. Cain humor, seen through Cody’s thought process.  He was so sure that Trent was crazy but willing to accept his eccentricity anyway.
I thought Ms. Cain gave us a well balance story.  It was full of interesting characters and opened up to several future stories that I can’t wait to take on as we learn more about her paranormal world.

                              Four twinkling Stars

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