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Cade's Dare by Jory Strong

Title: Cade’s Dare
Series: Crime Tells, 5
Author: Jory Strong
Publisher: Jory Strong
Genre and Pairing:Contemporary, M/F/M (oral sex, spanking)
Word Count:47,000
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
He’s wanted her for years, loved her for years, avoided her for years, but now Cade Benson is ready to claim Grace Montgomery. She’s his one, or more accurately, their one—if only Mace will commit.

A future that doesn’t include sharing Grace makes Cade break out in a cold sweat. Desperation makes him issue a challenge. Take her with me once, I dare you.

Mace has every intention of refusing, but one look at Grace after a night spent with Cade and there’s no way he can deny himself, not when he’s craved her sweet submission for years. He’ll take Cade’s dare, gambling he can survive the misery that’ll come afterward—when he walks away for his brother’s sake.


Ms. Strong has made her fans wait a bit for the next Crime Tells story but I am here to tell you that Cade’s Dare was well worth the wait!  Cade, Grace and Mace reminded me why I love reading anything written by Jory Strong.  All I can say is Oh My God!  The heat between the brothers and Grace nearly leapt off the pages.  I will warn you that having your significant other handy will be a good thing as you navigate the chemistry between these three.  That isn’t to say Ms. Strong gave us sex, cause not only did she give us great sexual tension and action, she gave us a well written story.   I adored Grace and her acceptance of her need to submit in the bedroom along with her determination for the domination to end there.  She knew when she let Cade in that her life was going to change even if she didn’t believe it would be for more than a night.  And Cade, when he decided to take action boy did he ever.  He was ready and all he could do is hope that Mace and Grace were just as ready for the future he wanted.  But I think Mace was my favorite.  His happy go lucky exterior hid a strong dominant.  He was dragged kicking into something he isn’t sure would work, but when Grace’s safety is on the line he pulls up his big boy draws and does what he must.  I loved how Ms. Strong kept him strong and weak without making him too weak or arrogant, not easy to do.
I adored this addition to the Crime Tells series.  I loved the combination of heat, passion and chemistry Ms. Strong brought to the relationship.  I appreciated that the relationship felt real and this story had depth.  I can’t wait for the next installment!

                      Five Shooting Stars !! 

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