Sunday, August 31, 2014

Best Little Whorehouse on Planet X by Kelex

Title: Best Little Whorehouse on Planet X
Series:Shifter Rebellion, 1
Publisher: Twisted Erotica Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal and M/M, M/M/M and M/M/M/M (oral sex, anal sex, dual anal sex)
Page Count:  93 Pages
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Agarri, the Shapeshifter Prince, has been in hiding for several years after the Xakarrian Army invaded and overthrew his father. Awaiting the prophesied triad of males who would come find him, the soft prince was shuttered away on the top floor of Kazru’s whorehouse, where no one would think to look for him.

Exiled Shapeshifter Warriors Drayden, Irylan, and Bayjin come for Agarri after the prince haunts their dreams and begs them to save him. They take the virgin prince and escape to their hidden base, where they claim Agarri as their own.

Finding strength in his warriors, Agarri is ready to help bring his people together to retake their world.

This is my first time reading author Kelex and it will not be my last.  Not only because I have to know what happens next but also because the first book in the Shifter Rebellion series, Best Little Whorehouse on Planet X was well written.
I will admit I was intrigued by the title of this story and was a little unsure about what to expect, but from the very first words Kelex set out to grab her readers.  She quickly set out where we were trying to get in such a way that I was impatient for the journey.  Agarri was well aware of his place in his world and when he is drawn to three strong shifters he knows living his life, instead of just existing, is about to begin.  I loved the innocence and determination he brought to his relationship.  He lived in a whorehouse so he understood the mechanics of sex but not much else.  With his three men he began to see and feel the passion behind the act.  I enjoyed the care he gave his men as he showed them with his body his caring and trust.  He isn’t ready to call it love but he is willing to be open to the emotion.
As for the triad, I loved just how different each man was.  They each had strengths and found themselves struggling with their changing emotions as they got to know Agarri.  I was intrigued at the hints of trouble that Kelex allowed to creep into their minds and relationship.  Will they be able to share Agarri on a more permanent basis?  Will they be able to move past feelings of discontent and jealousy?  Kelex opened this relationship up to these issues.  She showed that a relationship with more than two would take some work and getting use to sharing permanently is hard even if it is all they know.  I wanted to know if they would move past these issues and grow to be stronger.  But even as I wanted answers, Kelex gave them a happily for now and I was content, ready for the next installment, but content nonetheless.

                              Four Twinkling Stars!!

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