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Wolf Run by author B.A. Tortuga

Title: Wolf Run
Author: B.A. Tortuga
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
Genre and Pairing: Paranormal ,M/M/M
Page count:106
Reviewer Name:  Luna
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Publisher Blurb:
Mick is a lone wolf in all ways. He’s left his pack, he’s left his homelands and he’s on the road, footloose and fancy free. Well, at least until he wanders up to a fence and finds a little wolf running his ass off behind it. Mick stops to let the pup out and is stunned to hear the young wolf, Scotty, tell him “no”. Scotty's mate and best friend, Danny, asked Scotty to stay behind the fence, so he will be safe while Danny fights to support them both. All this leaves Mick’s fur standing on end. Maybe, Mick doesn’t need one mate to bring him home. Maybe, he needs two.

Wolf Run by author B.A Tortuga has the story of Danny and Scotty. They were kicked out of their pack but remained together throughout.  But Scotty is an “artist” and while Danny loves him he knows practicality is not is strong suit.  So even though he is by no means Alpha, he does what he must for the man he loves.  Mick has a pack butfinds he feels stifled within pack life but that all changes when he meets first Scotty and then Danny.  While both shifters are young they fill and fulfill a need in him.  But can he convince them to let him into their world?
I enjoyed the characters is this story.  Danny had no choice but to be strong.  He was struggling to be all things to Scotty and in the process lost himself.  That is not to say that Scotty didn’t try or understand what was happening, he just was unable to help.  He loved Danny and knew that Danny loved him but he just wasn’t equipped to be helpful in the way that helped the two men survive.  Mick on the other hand is totally Alpha.  He sees the men struggling and knows that he fits, that he has something to offer.  He has finally found what he has been searching for without even knowing it in the two men.  Scotty is easy to convince, but Danny has struggled for so long it will be harder for him to accept.
The author wove a tale in which we saw three characters slowly become one strong unit.  They each had three distinct characters with different needs and desires.  Those needs somehow fit together to make a better whole.  I thought this was a well written story with believable chemistry and look forward to reading more from this author.

                                                    Four Twinkling Stars

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