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The Magic of Dragonfly by Susan Eileen Walker

Title:     The Magic of Dragonfly

Author:    Susan Eileen Walker

Publisher:    Sweet Cravings Publishing

Genre:    Contemporary, paranormal, MF

Heat level: No Flames (Blush level romance)

Reviewer: Cassiopeia

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Publisher Blurb:

Unhappy with her life, Bay Alexander decides it is time for a change. She declares the next year to be The Year of the Dragonfly,a nickname her great-grandmother had given her with plans to make her dreams come true.

When she receives word her grandmother has died, Bay inherits a new set of goals and dreams. With the help of her best friend, her grandmothers backdoor neighbor, and some new friends, Bay works to fulfill the terms of Fannys will in order to hold onto the Bay House and the Dragonfly Day Spa.

Can Bay make her dreams come true while working to fulfill her grandmothers last wishes? Will her Year of the Dragonflybe yet another impossible dream? Can she help the townspeople of Larksboro reflect the beauty trapped in their souls using the magical secrets Greega left her along with the spa?

Review of book:

This book was a complete change of pace for me, and I loved it!  The Magic of Dragonfly was a sweet but emotional look at one woman's life at forty.  Bay thinks she's just existing, trying to make it through each day, but I wholeheartedly disagree; I believe she's just being picky about what amazing adventure she undertakes.  Her struggle to remember who she was, before she began trading bits and pieces of herself away to please others, is a story that unfortunately, many of us are all too familiar with.  Through the death of a loved one, she's provided the opportunity to begin a new chapter in her life.  Something the "second chancer" in me loved to no end.

I enjoyed that Ms. Walker created a plot like an onion.  You'd think you had it - and the characters - all figured out, then she'd smack you with a plot twist of epic proportions.  That unexpected element made it all the more enjoyable of a read for me.  I also found the central characters to be warm, funny, and genuine - even down to the dog!  The only thing I was sad about, is that we never got to see whether Bay and Max finally make a connection beyond the platonic relationship written in the story.  Even being a blush level book, there was a definite simmer to the way Max's personality was written, and there's just something to be said for courting a woman you're interested in, as opposed to hooking up. Call me a romantic, but I make no apologies for my book boyfriend hang ups.

If you're interested in a story that will grab you emotionally and force you to care about the characters, then I highly recommend The Magic of Dragonfly by Susan Eileen Walker.  It's a a story of personal change that's full of heart!  

                                                             Four Twinkling Stars!!

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