Monday, July 14, 2014

The Cut by Carol Lynne

Title: The Cut
Series: Kings of Bedlam, MC 1
Author: Carol Lynne
Publisher: Stiff Rain Press
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary, M/F
Word Count: 63,000
Reviewer Name:  Luna
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Publisher Blurb
As the only child of an abusive biker and an alcoholic mother, Santana Rogers had one hero she could turn to in her life. Stake Wills, a member of the Kings of Bedlam Motorcycle Club, was her father’s best friend, her savior and her lifelong crush. When her father is sent to prison, the club and her only friends turn their backs on her, leaving her to deal with the fall-out of her father’s crime on her own.

Santana is proud of the way she’s persevered through the hard and lonely years on her own. When Stake reappears into her life after the county sheriff attacks her, she isn’t sure she’s willing to let him back into her life and her heart. And if she does, she’s not sure she’ll survive having her heart broken again when he inevitably leaves.

It just about killed Stake to walk out of Santana’s life, but after his best friend’s death, he’s forced to choose between the motorcycle club and keeping an eye on Santana. The club is the only family he’s ever known, and a blackmail threat by Santana’s mother threatens to destroy it all. He realizes that he made a mistake, but that won’t stop him from trying to prove to Santana that he’s still the man she needs him to be.


The Cut by Carol Lynne is first in the Kings of Bedlam MC series.  This series portrays a world where you wouldn’t expect to find innocence or love and with this tale we get both. 
Santana is young and the simple act of living has begun to take its toll.  Growing up her mother was a drunk more concern with where her next drink would come from than her young daughter.  Her father was a man who slapped her around for imagined infractions before he was incarcerated and killed in prison.  But did Santana allowed that to get her down?  Hell no!  She fought and I could do nothing more than admire her spunk.  I mean her mother was less than loving but instead of leaving at the first opportunity, she stays and cares for her sick and dying mother.  She scrapes by doing without for someone who failed to put her first all her life.  I mean the strength of character it takes to look past someone else’s failings, to stay in a town that treats you no better than trash, amazing.And while I could see how strong she is Santana couldn’t.  How does so one remain so good when all she is surrounded by is vice and despair?  I could do nothing more than respect and admire both her choices and her. 
Her ray of sunshine is Stake.  He was there for her when she was younger and her youthful crush has grown into an abiding love.  Now Stake is a complicated character.  His love for Santana has grown and changed just as she has.  But he knows he screwed up.  His club is the only family he knows and when ordered to cut Santana out of his life he does so, not much to respect there but Ms. Lynne doesn’t leave us with a character we hate.  She gives us a man who can learn from his mistakes.  She gives us a man who feels guilt.  She gives us a man who understands what it means to love.  She gives us a man we can learn to respect.  And by tales end I understood why Stake made the choices he did and grew to love the man he was becoming. 
For all its grittiness and realism, I enjoyed this peek into a world that is new to me.  I thought this was a story full of emotional depth and growth.  The lessons learned by Santana and Stake were harsh but necessary and Ms. Lynne handled it with a deft touch.  She gave us a story that felt real while maintaining a feeling of hope and I look forward to more bikers in my future.

                                Four Twinkling Stars!!

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