Thursday, July 17, 2014

Phantom's Rest by Anny Cook

Title: Phantom’s Rest
Author: Anny Cook
Publisher:  Self
Pages:  171
Genre: paranormal, m/f
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher Blurb
When Beauregard Barker leaves his military career due to injuries, he takes refuge at the Phantom’s Rest RV Park, expecting no more than a place to recover as he helps renovate the park. When he discovers the place is full of ghosts, he's shocked but eventually adjusts to their presence. Then Emmeline Fairchild arrives for her annual stay and everything changes. Beau falls hard for the shy calligrapher who’s being stalked by a killer. Whatever it takes, he’s determined to keep her safe and persuade her he’s the man for her.

Phantom’s Rest by Anny Cook has the story of Beauregard and Emmeline.  They have a start that makes you wonder how the will end up.  I liked both characters a lot. Emmeline is independent and funny, and Beauregard is protective a tad serious sometimes but his very alpha nature made me want more of him. Phantom’s Rest RV Park is a place of excitement and few things you just never saw coming.  Ms. Cook does a great job of bringing heat, with just a touch of humor. That blend had me wanting more.  I never wanted this story to end and I would love to see more adventures at Phantom’s Rest in the future. 
I love Ms.Cook's attention to detail too in this book. It really helped move this story along. I am huge fangirl and now am even more so of this author's works. 
 I think there is much more to this tale and cannot wait to find out what happens to the next couple that falls in love. 

                                                                             Five Shooting Stars