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Never Say Never by Stormy Glenn

18455670Title: Never Say Never
Series:  Aberdeen Pack, 3
Author: Stormy Glenn
Publisher:Siren- Bookstrand Publishing
Genre and Pairing:Paranormal,M/M
Word Count: 39,743
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb:
Rory dances because he has to. The visions he suffers from weigh down his soul, and dancing takes him away from all of that. But when he meets Hercules, he finds another reason to dance.
Hercules is an elite enforcer, trained from a very early age to be the best of the best. As large and as strong as he is, he’s very good at what he does…until the day he finds a man that comes between him and his duty.
Pulled into a conflict that started long before they even met, Hercules and Rory need to discover a way to balance their duty to their pack and their desire for each other. If they don’t, they could lose not only the people they care for but the chance to be mates.


Never Say Never by Stormy Glenn is third in the Aberdeen Pack series.  This story can be read as a standalone however you will enjoy the subtleties having read the prior stories in the series. 
I enjoyed both Rory and Hercules in this story.  In Rory we get a wolf that is different.  He struggles with visions, not just the nature of the visions but hiding them from everyone other than his family and Alpha.  He put himself out there to entice the wolf that snared his attention even at the cost of outing his secret.  The courage to not only deal with what he sees but to go after his man is obvious and enjoyable to see. 
In Hercules we get a wolf whose size is seen as his strength.  He along with his brothers is quite deadly.  But while he understands that his job is one that must be done, he doesn’t care for it.  For such a large wolf Hercules has a tender soul.  Rory is able to see that and allows Hercules to be softer without seeing it as a weakness. 
Ms. Glenn gave us a well written story filled with drama and passion.  She gave us two characters whose strength was not so obvious in the case of Rory but misconstrued in Hercules.  Both men fought to become mates once they learned that all important component to a relationship…communication. 
This was a wonderful addition to the series.  Ms. Glenn allowed Hercules and Rory to have their moment while moving the story arc along and I look forward to seeing where she will take us next.

                                      Four Twinkling Stars

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