Thursday, July 3, 2014

Making Your Own Luck by Sean Michael

Title: Making Your Own Luck
Author:  Sean Michael
Publisher:  Amber Quill Press, LLC
Genre:  MM, Contemporary
Page count:  48
Reviewer:  Redz

Publisher Blurb
Isaac is the superstitious type, and his Friday the Thirteenth is shaping up to be the worst kind of nightmare. The one good thing it brings him, however, is Rusty, a sexy sculptor who seems perfectly willing to buck Isaac’s trend of bad luck to get to know him better.
Rusty thinks Isaac needs to plan for good luck instead of bad, so he sets out to do what he can to make Isaac’s life better, one day at a time. A series of catastrophic dates can’t deter Rusty from his mission, but can Isaac overcome his disaster-prone ways long enough to take advantage of Rusty’s care?
NOTE: This story was previously published under the ISBN: 978-1-60370-767-1. This reissued version of the story has been revised and reedited.

 Making Your Own Luck by author Sean Michael is a short fast paced light hearted read. I liked this departure usually the books by this author are a little darker, I like seeing the lighter side.    Isaac is a fun character superstitious and it’s Friday the thirteenth. Nothing seems to be going right for him…that is until he meets Rusty.  Rusty brings the sunshine back into his life.  I loved their instant chemistry.  They made me smile as I read their story. This is a feel good type of story that had me at page one.   Mr. Michael does a great job of bringing two people together and making me really believe and fall in love with their story.   I found myself not wanting this book to ever end. 

                                             Five Shooting Stars

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