Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Love Under Two Responders by Cara Covington

Love Under Two Responders (MFM)Title: Love Under Two Responders
Series: Lusty, Texas, 15
Author: Cara Covington
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre and Pairing: Contemporary,M/F/M (oral and anal sex, toys, light bondage)
Word Count:87,909
Reviewer Name: Luna
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Publisher Blurb
Carol Ashwood, esthetician, arrives in Lusty, Texas with no expectations but to earn her way and heal her heart from a major fight with her family. She’s led a sheltered life, but refuses to judge the way the people of Lusty live—and love. And that is probably a good thing, because she falls in love at first sight with Warren and Edward Jessop.
Warren and Edward have been the town’s paramedics for a long time. Respected and loved by all, they’re still considered to be nerdy and socially awkward. And they are, with two exceptions—when they’re on a call, and when they’re with Carol. Their courtship is complicated by Carol’s family issues and the fact that someone has taken shots at Edward. And while the state police say it was only a drunken hunter shooting astray, investigation soon proves otherwise.
Will they discover who has a grudge against one small town paramedic before that shooter tries again?

I am back to one of my favorite stomping grounds, Lusty, Texas.  And with Love Under Two Responders by Cara Covington, you see why I love coming back. 
Once again the geeks rule! Or are they really geeks?  I so enjoyed trying to figure out just how “socially awkward” Ed and Warren really were.  Had they been playing their family or just falling into the role expected of them?  Not that it really mattered because they were definitely not geeky when it came to Carol.  The dominant tendencies I don’t think even they knew about came out with their “one.”  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing both men come out of their shells in something other than a work environment.  Their willingness to fight for their woman was great to see and a bit humorous.  
Watching Ms. Covington maneuver the shy trio was worthy of a return to Lusty, Texas.And while Carol was every bit as shy as the men, she understood them.  She was determined to move outside her comfort zone and grab with both hands the men she is sure are hers.  She allowed her men not only into her body but also her heart which took courage.  I loved that she was able to look past their family identity to see and accept them as they truly were and love them all the more for it.
A relatively new habit of mine has been to read the Acknowledgments, I don’t do it every time but often enough and Ms. Covington’s let me know going into this book to expect something special.  And I must say, I think she delivered.  She gave us a story that laid bare her pain while at the same time giving us hope.  She allowed us to empathize and realize that compassion sometimes works better than vengeance.  I enjoyed the lesson as well as my return to Lusty, Texas.

                                             Four Twinkling Stars

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