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Fury by Laurann Dohner

Title:    Fury

Series title:  New Species 1

Author:    Laurann Dohner

Publisher:    Ellora's Cave Publishing

Genre:   Paranormal Romance, M/F, Paranormal.

warnings attached to this piece (Dubious Consent, Oral Sex)

Reviewer Cassiopeia

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Publisher Blurb:

Ellie is horrified to discover the pharmaceutical company she works for is doing illegal experiments. Company scientists have spliced human and animal DNA, creating exotic new species. One such “experiment” captures her heart and she’ll do anything to save him—even if he hates her for it.

Fury has never known compassion or love. He’s spent his life in a cell, chained and abused by humans. The one woman he allowed himself to trust betrayed him. Now he’s free and set on vengeance. He vows to end her life but when she’s finally in his grasp, harming her is the last thing he wants to do to the sexy little human.

Fury can’t resist Ellie—the touch of her hands, her mouth on his skin, her body wrapped around his. He’s obsessed with the scent of his woman. And Ellie wants Fury—always has. She craves his big, powerful body and wants to heal his desolate heart.

But loving Fury is one thing…taming him is another.

Reader Advisory: This story contains the heartrending aftermath of a rape scene involving a captive male. Another scene involves capture and forced touching by a hurt, vengeful Fury.

Review of book:

There are those books that sneak up and smack you right between the eye.  You never see it coming, but you're eternally grateful for the experience.  That's exactly how I feel about Fury.  At the time I picked the book up, it had been a freebie, and I was eager to begin filling my first ebook reader.  I'd never even heard of Laurann Dohner, and figured that since I'm not a huge fan of science fiction, it wouldn't be too much of a loss of I didn't enjoy the story. 

Boy, was I wrong, and I mean colossally wrong.  I was hooked by Fury and Ellie's love story, angered by Mercile's horrendous dehumanizing mistreatment of their test subjects, and sold on the idea of the New Species for life.  The author's take on the shifter type genre was fresh and inventive, something many writers struggle with.  Animal DNA - specifically, canine, feline, and primate, spliced with/into human DNA, created men and women who are human, yet more.  They're stronger, faster, possess heightened senses, and could easily have been written as coldly distant.  Instead, I found that they possessed a strength that had little to do with how much they could bench press, and everything to do with their capacity to survive and triumph over the awful upbringing they'd experienced.  I couldn't get enough of them!

As with the beginning to any series, the first book bears the burden of providing enough back story to help you navigate the plot and interest you enough in the world building that you'll come back for future installments.  Ms. Dohner does this exceptionally well. You get a look into Fury's deep sense of abandonment which is in direct contradiction to his feelings for Ellie, and you ache for him.  At first glance, you might think that he, and by extension the New Species as a whole, would be simple minded and childlike, but nothing could be further from the truth.  I loved the communication snafus that the couple experienced with each other, and the secondary characters, and on more that one occasion found myself laughing at the visual the author presented.

I encourage you to pick up book one of the New Species series, Fury by Laurann Dohner, especially if you love seeing the underdogs (no pun intended, as the hero is a canine/human blend) win.  Love conquers all with this one, and Fury thrills me as much the third time through, as it did when I first read it

.                                                       Five Shooting Stars!!
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