Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday Teaser with Author Shannon West

Hi Redz, and thanks for having me today.  You asked me not long ago about my WIPs—I’m currently working on Book 4 of the Blackwater Falls series that I write along with my good friend, Susan E. Scott.  For those of you not familiar with the series, it takes place in the mountains in a little town called Blackwater Falls, above Huntsville, Alabama, and it concerns cougar shifters.  The first book was called Dark of the Moon, which is the time each month that the inhabitants of Blackwater Falls turn into these large mountain lions. Unlike wolf shifters who can shift at will, the cougars have little say in the matter, and are at the mercy of their beasts at each dark of the moon.  They become something dark and inhuman, with none of their human reasoning to guide them.
In each of the books so far, there has been mention of Holden MacKay, a devilishly handsome “bad  boy” who owns the local tavern.  He is a shifter, and he seems to be a troublemaker, especially for the town sheriff, Hawke Sutherland, with whom he has a bitter, running feud.  In the last book Cougar Country, readers learned that he also had some complicated romantic relationships with two close friends of Hawke’s, Spencer and Travis.  But through each of the books, he has also been a gorgeous, sarcastic, manipulative presence that was usually up to no good.

We originally planned him as an antagonist for the other characters, but he just refused to be that uncomplicated.  We decided he needed his own story, one that would “sort him out,” and reveal his true nature.  It turned out that Holden was much darker than anyone knew, stemming from terrible things that happened to him in his childhood, and these things put him on a path of self-destruction.  It would take a strong man to put him right again, and we found that character in Sloane Barrett, an arrogant, handsome Dom at a BDSM club that Holden frequents.  Sloane knows that Holden needs him, and while he plays at being a sub, there is little true submission in him.  It’s up to Sloane to show him how to submit and find his peace and fulfillment in it. When they meet, Holden’s only in it for the pain—the pain that soothes something deep inside him, at least for a little while.  Sloane has a battle on his hands, but he takes it on willingly because he’s so fascinated by the beautiful, stubborn, willful Holden.

I’ve written BDSM before, and it’s a genre I enjoy, along with shifter stories.  To be able to combine them has been interesting, to say the least.  This story is nearing completion and will be coming in May from Dark Hollows Press at www.darkhollowspress.com
I hope you’ll check it out.  In the meantime, here is my beautiful cover from cover artist Michelle Williams.


Lorraine Lesar said...

All Shannon West books are amazing! Really looking forward to this release.

Tuckerpuss said...

I need this book so badly! Love the Blackwater Falls books and Shannon DOES write BDSM so well. Is it May yet???

Shirley Williamson said...

Cannot wait for this installment! Love me some Shannon West!!! <3

Lee Todd said...

can't wait!! absolutely love Shannon's books! <3