Thursday, April 17, 2014

Marked by Missy Lyons

Title: Marked
Author Missy Lyons
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand
Pages: 106
Genre:  Contemporary, paranormal,  MM
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher Blurb:

Joshua Morrison stumbles across an entry into a secret world on a website review for an exclusively gay bar. One review promises a good time if he orders a Sex on the Beach, a drink which is really code for "I want to be your sex slave for the night." Joshua is in way over his head when he unknowingly promises a night of sex and submission to an incubus.
Tyler Draehomon isn’t happy to have this last just one night.
Destiny brought him a human, and he recognizes the man as his mate. He won’t be happy until he has claimed him fully and Joshua is bedded, branded, and mated so many times there is no doubt in the human’s mind that he belongs to a sex demon.
But with a vengeful would-be lover on the rampage and a stubborn human for a mate, nothing is as simple as it should be.


Marked by author Missy Lyons is a hot and steamy read. Joshua thinks he wants a night of just fun no strings attached sex. What he gets is something else entirely. Tyler now he is a complicated character. What he hides is just as important as what he reveals in this book. 
Joshua is a human, he is a hard worker, and he wants to just have some no holds bar fun.  He should have been careful what he wished for. Because he wasn’t prepared for what he got.
Tyler, not human but knows his mate when he walks through the door.  He isn’t going to let Joshua go without a fight to keep him with him and when you’re an incubus you have quite the arsenal to fight with.
The layers in this story make it one I didn’t want to end. Yes there is tons of hot steamy sex but the story itself is really riveting.   I would love to see more in this world in the future. Maybe there could be some more intense and unusual pairings in the future.   I love to see a story that is not the standard type of story and introduces me to paranormals I might not have met before. Marked is a great story that brings those elements into the story plus a whole lot more.   Bring on the paranormals!

                                                           Five Shooting Stars!!



Missy Lyons said...

Thank you so much for the wonderfully insightful review and feedback. I do hope to write more within this world soon, so hopefully you won't have to wait long for new books. :)

Tina brunelle said...

dances .....more more more nope not greedy at alll