Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Astronomical by Silvia Violet

Title: Astronomical
Author: Silvia Violet
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre:  Contemporary, MM
Page Count: 99
Reviewer Redz

Publisher Blurb:
When sexy, kilt-wearing astronomy professor Greg MacIntyre moves in next door, Blake Theriot knows he's in trouble. Blake is a research librarian, and he likes things orderly and controlled. But in his secret fantasies, he craves a big, powerful man like Greg to stir up his life.

Every time Blake tries to talk to his erudite neighbor, his brain shuts down and his vocabulary is reduced to one-word utterances, but when Blake's niece challenges him to invite Greg to dinner, he does. A few shots of after-dinner whiskey loosen Blake's inhibitions, and the two men share a hot kiss and the promise of more. Can Blake relax enough to give himself a chance with Greg, or will his fear of letting go ruin his hopes for love?

 Astronomical by author Silvia Violet is one of those books I keep re reading because I love it.  Kilts, hot men, and a connection that makes me want more are all in this book and more.
Blake is a shy librarian who has a hot professor move in next door. This professor, Greg likes to wear kilts and look at the stars. Blake doesn’t really know how to talk to Greg, but that is okay cause Blake has a mischievous little niece who is more than happy to talk for her uncle Blake. 
The humor in this story kept me reading too. It has the whole package a great story amazing connection and a hint of humor.   I love stories like this.  Greg is a little absentminded but Blake is a little uptight they balance each other out.  I couldn’t imagine them ending up with anyone but each other. There is some light bdsm in this book that really adds to the heat and the emotional connection these two characters have.
I hope there are more stories like this from Ms. Violet in the future. I would love to see how Blake and Greg are doing in the future, I am sure it’s full of lust, love, and humor. 

                                       Five Shooting Stars!!

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