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Tuesday Teaser from Written Together

This is unedited and may be a tick rough, but here’s Adam’s story. If you liked Drawn Together, you’re going to love Written Together.
Written Together by Wendi Zwaduk
M/F, fetish, spanking, role play

He’s ready to blur the line between fantasy and reality.

Adam Pallas knows what he wants out of life—to teach history, to be happy and to have a hot woman by his side. He’s got two out of the three. He should be happy, but he’s not. There’s one woman who grabs his attention every time. The catch? She’s very much out of his league. Can being himself actually snag the woman of his dreams?
Melissa Murphy isn’t looking for love, but every time she sees Adam her plans go sideways. The English teacher knows there’s a confident, hot man hiding behind the slightly nerdy history-buff façade. But her past and the things she wants between the sheets tend to scare men off. Are the odds stacked against these two, or are they written together?

And here’s the Tuesday Teaser!
Her thoughts drifted to Adam. He tried so hard to please people and deserved a happy ending. The image of him when he stood up before the run remained in her brain. She shouldn’t be thinking about the outline of his junk in those shorts, but damn. He sure seemed to be packing. She liked the way she felt in his arms, too. The right height, the right build...and his smile. He brought up her ex. Thinking about Kevin set her teeth on edge. Smug bastard. He always seemed to think he knew the right thing to say and do. Except he didn’t know a damn thing.
“You look lost in serious thought.” Adam stood in her doorway. “You okay?”
She jerked in her seat. “I didn’t hear you.” This time she blushed. “I’m fine.”
He nodded once, then folded his arms. For the first time, she noticed the muscle definition in his biceps. Given a tight T-shirt and jeans, he’d be darned hot. She shivered. Real hot.
“We’ve got a meeting in ten. Dennis wanted to introduce the new teachers. We just have to fill the space.”
“You don’t need the word just.” She took her glasses off the top of her head and stood, then stretched. “It’s extra.”
“Thank you Miss Murphy.” He unfolded himself. “Do I need to do time in detention?”
Man, did he know how to read her without even realizing he could. She crossed the room and stood face to face with him. “Mr. Pallas, are you coming on to me?”
The tips of his ears burned, but the grin deepened. “Yes, I believe I was. Is it working?”
“It is.” She didn’t even bother to look in the hallway before yanking him into her classroom. Seeing him flustered turned her on. Melissa pinned him to the wall between the chalkboard and the filing cabinets. “I told myself I wasn’t going to get involved with anyone. Said I wasn’t interested in dating, but you make me want to change my mind.” He wasn’t the abrasive alpha male like she was used to and she rather preferred him more beta guy.
“This could get us into trouble, but I don’t care,” he rumbled. Using a force she hadn’t believed he possessed, Adam shifted positions and caging her between his body and the wall. She noticed the amber flecks in his dark eyes and the light dusting of hairs on his chin. He tipped his head and met her for a kiss. He didn’t push, but rather tasted her.
Melissa wound her arms around his neck. The bulge she’d noticed between his legs before wasn’t a joke or a figment of her imagination. Holy hell, she wanted to feel him skin on skin. She toyed with the soft hair at the back of his head. The scent of him curled around her. She closed her eyes and basked in the connection.
Adam licked the seam of her lips and when she opened to him, he sucked on her tongue. Heat started low in her belly and spread through her body. She moaned.
He broke for air first. “Hush, babe. Don’t want everyone to hear us.” He smoothed a lock of her hair between his fingers. “But I do like hearing you. That sweet moan lets me know I’m doing something right.”
“You did a lot of things right.” She rested her palms on his shoulders. Muscled there, too? How had she missed it? “We’ll run after the meeting?”
“You bet.”
@Copyright Wendi Zwaduk 2014
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