Saturday, January 4, 2014

Review : Ember Burns by Ditter Kellen

Title: Ember Burns
Series:  The Seeker ,1
Author: Ditter Kellen
Publisher:  Loose Id
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Contemporary, m/f
Page Count : 52 approx
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher Blurb

Ember Wells knows the fear of having a serial killer set his sights on you. For one horrible year she became the target of one man's twisted game. But with the killer convicted and behind bars, Ember's life as a photojournalist has finally returned to normal. That is, until Angelo Dimitrov moves in next door.

Angelo, known as Angel, is sexy, irresistible, and definitely hiding something. He calls up every erotic fantasy Ember could imagine while triggering perpetual doubt in her reporter's mind.

Now a copycat has emerged, with the killer's M.O. and signature, including his interest in Ember. With fear her constant companion, Ember's suspicions fall on her sexy new neighbor with one too many secrets. She can't trust him, but she burns for him, and Ember's heart refuses to believe the threats come from the Angel of her dreams.


 Ember Burns is the first book in The Seeker series by Ditter Kellen.  This one is the start of a very intense fast moving story.  Ember Wells was just promoted to lead photojournalist at Lakeland Hedges.  She is a busy lady who has no time for men in her life.  Everything is going her way till an old case starts to haunt her. Someone is sending her photographs of a murder.  She helped bust someone called the Watcher many years before, this looks like the same M.O.  Is he alive?  Has he come back to finish her off?
Angelo or Angel is a dark mysterious man who enters Ember’s life.  He is dominating, dangerous, and mysterious.  Is he friend or foe?  Her heart says lover, but could she be wrong?
There is no clear ending in this book.  But it will keep you on the edge of your seating wanting more.  I really enjoyed this first installment and look forward to knowing what happens to Ember and Angel next.  Ms Kellen hurry up and write more, I am waiting!

                                                           Five Shooting Stars!!

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