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Review Crossing Divides by Andrew Grey

Title: Crossing Divides

Author: Andrew Grey   

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press  

Genre: Contemporary, MM

Pages: 200 Aprox.  

Reviewer Redz

Publisher Blurb  

Carter Hopkins is on a mission. He has already written about the conflict in Syria, but is determined to go even deeper. With his editor’s help, he joins a band of freedom fighters led by Jalal. But it is Jalal’s brother, Nemat, who draws Carter’s attention. Nemat has left the family olive grove to join his brother in fighting the Syrian government in Aleppo. When Carter saves his life and is declared an honorary member of the family, Nemat couldn’t be happier, even though he knows his family will never understand his true interest in Carter.

Carter and Nemat say their goodbyes after the end of the assignment. Carter’s stories garner a lot of attention, but he can’t stop thinking of the man he left behind. Then rumors of the use of chemical weapons give Carter another chance at a story, and he jumps at it. But much has changed in Syria, and any chance of getting Nemat out of harm’s way seems more impossible than ever.

Review of book:

Crossing Divides by author Andrew Grey is a powerfully written romance set in the middle of a war zone.  Carter Hopkins is a reporter embedded with a group of freedom fighters in Syria. Nemat and his brother Jalal are heads of the Syrian freedom fighters.  Carter finds himself falling for Nemat, even though he’s not sure the man is gay though. He does know Nemat seems very innocent, sweet, and honor driven.  They have one moment together and Carter must go back to the states to write his story about the war in Syria and help the people he left behind.

Once in the states Carter cannot forget Nemat and his people. When he hears there might be chemical weapons in Syria he goes back to find out if the rumors are true.  If he can make sure the American forces know about them, then hopefully they will go in and aid the freedom fighters take back their country.

Syria is not the same place that Carter left behind. War has taken a harsh toll on this already harsh land.  The people are weary, drained, and at wits end.  But Nemat and Carter still have the feelings they have always had for each other. When Nemat shows him where the chemical weapons are, he reports on them. He wants to take this story back to the states and help the people, but now Jalal wants Carter to take his brother with him. Carter wants that too but is unsure if Nemat whose whole life has been taking care of his family, truly understands what it means.  His honor says stay, his family says go and his heart wants Carter. Which will win? And how can Carter leave, if he must leave the man he loves a second time behind?

This story kept me reading. The story of how war can take and break people apart and the honor that the people have is just amazing. I felt the heart break, the joy and the sense of family in this book.  There is a lot of heart and soul inside these pages that really makes you stop and think about what you are reading. This is not a fluffy love story. This is one that will stop and make you hug your loved one because you know they are safe and sound and right next to you.  When you want a very intense read you will not soon forget this is it the book for you. 

                                               Five Shooting Stars!!

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