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Review Beginning of the End by Author Zayne Michaels


Title :Beginning of the End
Series: Welcome to Purgatory
Author: Zayne Michaels
Publisher : UnScripted Inc
Word Count: 49,022
Genre :MM, Futuristic, Shape shifters
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher Blurb:

After losing his best friend in a meteor storm that wiped out entire cities, Brady Dane finds himself alone and scared, simply trying to make it from one day to the next. Surrounded by chaos, desperation, and death, he turns his compass toward Georgia and the refuge rumored to be established in the military base there. Forming emotional attachments will only make him vulnerable, so he keeps himself guarded, choosing to travel alone, but that all changes when he crosses paths with a stranger on a lonely stretch of highway.

Anthony Grimel—Grim to his friends—is having a really bad day. Collapsing on the side of the road after being robbed and beaten by a band of raiders, he’s ready to give up. He never expected to be saved by an angel with golden hair and a smile to rival the sun. Finding purpose once again in being Brady’s guardian, his protector, Grim vows to get his new companion safely to the refuge, but he never expected to lose his heart in the process.

Love isn’t always easy, though, a fact Brady quickly discovers. Wading through a new, complicated relationship is hard enough, but now, he’s not sure who to trust—who is friend and who is foe. One hard truth becomes glaringly obvious not long after his arrival. Within these walls, there is no life or death, there is only survival.

Welcome to Purgatory.

Beginning of the End by author Zayne Michaels tells of a world that has been hit by many metors and the total devastation it brings to the world. Set on Earth this apocalyptic view of the world is not all dread and woe, we have two men who manage in this new and terrifying world find love.
The first one we meet is Brady Dane. He narrowly escapes the destruction of his own apartment building. He runs through the burning streets leaving all he knew and love behind. There are meteors the size of baseballs hailing down around him as they flee. He still manages to find compassion for those trapped. He tries to save them but loses a friend in the process.  His spirit and heroism made me love this character. He is strong and tough in his own way.
Anthony Grimel or Grim as he is called is the next one we meet.  Grim is alone, half beaten to death, and hungry when Brady rescues him in the middle of a road. There are buzzards around trying to kill him he is a mess. But Brady manages to save him.
These two both have something very much in common they have someone they failed to protect and feel guilt over that, making them both more protective of each other in this book.  
Grim wants to be sure Brady never comes to harm. He feels the first stirring of a bond between them when he meets Brady. That bond only gets stronger the longer they are together.
Brady is an ex social worker he is the perfect foil to the dominating and protective Grim. Brady is tired of being alone and more than ready to have Grim in his life. The more time they spend together the more Grim feels a crippling need to own Brady.
Once these two find shelter the twist to this story really begins. Their safe haven turns out to be not so safe can they save each other from what is to come before it is too late?
I enjoyed many aspects of this book. I liked that Brady though not the big tough Alpha he still is pretty kick ass in his own right.  He is loyal, sweet, and lovable.  He brings so much to Grim rounding out his character in this book.
Grim is the big strong one who protects and defends.  But he needs the softness and humor that Brady brings to his life. 
This is one of those books that you read when you really want a story to sink into. Not only is the sex super hot but the story itself had me wanting more. I cannot wait to see where this series goes next and what twists and turns come into this brave new world. 

                                                       Five Shooting Stars!!

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Tina brunelle said...

Review of book by Cassiopeia

Having never read anything by author, Zayne Michaels, coupled with the fact that I'm not a huge fan of the post apocalyptic flavored piece, I had no idea how I'd react to Beginning of the End. Right about now, you're thinking that I'm all kinds of stupid for setting myself up for a less than stellar experience.

You would be wrong.

It's perfectly O.K.; so was I.

I found Beginning of the End more a testament of how resourceful and resilient people could be in the face of global catastrophe, than a plot rife with gore and zombie-like creatures that crave human flesh. It was certainly a love story that had a decent amount of steamy sex; however, I truly saw it as a love story first and foremost. Grim and Brady each struggled with the events that brought them together, but still we're open to acknowledging that they not only wanted each other, but needed the balance that the other brought into their life. Ms. Michaels' characters were colorful, deep, and original; no cookie cutter, "insert a bad guy here" for this story.

Beginning's plot was arguably one of the best I've read in awhile. It was simplistic, but anything except boring. The Earth's population had just suffered through a world-wide pandemic brought about by an alien contagion contained in a meteor shower. Loss of life was massive, and those who survived were changed in ways that they couldn't fathom. Many mutated into something just below the lowest denominator of humanity. Even those who seemingly escaped the mutative effects of the pathogen underwent at the very least, an emotional transformation. I really thought the author's portrayal of the lesser side effects of the virus on the "normal" population was clever, and helped smooth the way for Brady and Grim's quick transformation from travel companions to lovers. There were some twists and turns to the story that kept me engaged, and yet just enough was left up in the air that I found myself actually looking forward to the next installment in the Welcome to Purgatory series.

I highly recommend Beginning of the End by Zayne Michaels; she brings a range of emotion to the table in this plot that I'm confident will appeal to a wide range of readers. Whether you love science fiction, same gender love interests, erotic romance, or just story that keeps you interested until th final word, I promise that you'll thank me later!