Saturday, December 21, 2013

Review: Sin and Salvation by author Sherri L.King

Title: Sin and Salvation
Author: Sherri L. King
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc
Genre: M/F, Vampire, Scifi Futuristic
Word Count: 47,699
Reviewer: Redz

Publisher Blurb:

In a world consumed by darkness a warrior's might will shine through.
Priest is a vampire hunter in search of the ultimate kill.
Bishop is a vampire at war with his own nature.
Together these two shall forge a bond that is stronger than blood, more terrifying than death.
Their love is a sin. But together they'll find salvation.


Sin and Salvation by author Sherri L. King is a story I just couldn’t stop reading.  We meet some very interesting characters in this futuristic world.  Priest, she is a vampire hunter.  She really loves her job; a good kill is her favorite thing.  She has some very creative ways to kill vampires.   Some vampires are born and some are made on this world.  Priest is about to meet a vampire who was made against his will, Bishop. Bishop when she first meets him is a slave to the town that she was hired to kill vampires for.  Normally she would have no problem with just out and out killing a vampire, however enslaving them and keeping them for pets, well that she has a problem with, a big problem.  
Priest has always thought her heart was ice cold, but one look from Bishop and she was melting to save him. When the sexy vampire starts invading her dreams, she has no choice but to follow her heart.
Bishop is weak and near death. His silver chains drain him every day. He has been a vampire for sixty years he hates being a slave to this town.  All he wants is revenge on his maker. Now he has a plan, he is going to make Priest help him, and they both can take down his maker. What he never counted on was having fuzzy feelings for the tough as nails vampire hunter or her returning them.
Watching these two melt the ice around their hearts was really enthralling. I never knew what was happening next.  Ms. King does an amazing job of blending a great story, that I never wanted to see end, and a romance that made me love the characters even more.   Sometimes love comes unexpectedly and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Priest and Bishop learn that in Sin and Salvation.  I am really glad I got to see it unfold. 

                                                                    Five Shooting Stars !!

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