Monday, December 16, 2013

Review : Saving Sam Author Megan Slayer

Title:  Saving Sam 
Series title: Zero, Ohio, 2
Author: Megan Slayer
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Genre:  Contemporary romance, erotic, GLBT/gay
Word Count 13k
Reviewer Redz

Publisher Blurb:

Give up his dream or go for exactly what he wants?

Sam Grau never planned on seeing his former best friend again. One-night stands worked well enough to ease his heartache and loneliness...except he wanted more. He’s got a choice—chase his dreams or the man he loves. He can’t have both.

Josh Thomas never gave up on finding the one man who understood him down to the cellular level. He walked away once, but not a second time. He’s willing to sacrifice his heart and pride to show his quirky friends the men they’ve both become, all in the name of saving Sam.

Review of book:

Saving Sam is the second book in the Zero, Ohio series by author Megan Slayer. This book is my first in the Zero, Ohio series and I was not lost at all. It is a complete stand alone story.  
Sam is a bartender who lives life on his own terms. He has piercings, funky hair, and body art to prove it.  He has a huge heart and wants to help GLBT youth, so they will never have the pain he had growing up.
I really adored Sam. I love a bad boy with a soft heart. He has had kicks in life but they never keep him down. That spirit really made me cheer for him. He also has an adorable Rottie named Ziggy that had me at hello in this book.
When Josh takes a friend to the Eight Ball Bar he doesn’t expect to run into the man who plagued him with wet dreams when he was growing up.  Sam used to be his best friend but somewhere along the way Josh went from tattooed pierced, and colorful hair to the conservative man he is now.  Seeing Sam brings back all the memories of how he should have never let him go.
Problem is, Sam doesn’t think he is good enough.  Don’t worry Josh is very convincing in the most creative of ways.
The character connection and love between these two make this book a very memorable read.  I didn’t want this book to end.  I like how Ms. Slayer makes me fall in love with her characters and cheer for them to have their happy ending.  Saving Sam is the book you pick up when you want to believe that sometimes the good guys really do finish first after all. 

                                                                   Five Shooting Stars!!

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